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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Head Coverings and Me

I have struggled with the idea of head coverings for many,many years. In Corinthians chapter 11, one half of the chapter is devoted to this topic. If it were just one verse, or 2 verses, I could probably brush it off. But it isn't. It is 16 verses.
Then I have heard it taught that a woman's hair IS her covering. I tried that one on for a while but can't get past vs. 6
"if a wife will not cover her head she should cut he hair short". If the hair is the covering, then why would Paul be saying if you don't cover it, cut if off? (which is in line with a prostitute in that time)
Her hair is not just her covering, her hair is her glory. In vs.15 it states this.
And a woman is not to show her glory. She is to have it covered because her husband is the image and glory of God and he is her authority. A woman should cover her head because she is the image and glory of man, and we do not want to glorify man, but God.
There is also an interesting verse that speaks of the angels watching us. Because of the angels. vs.10. Because of the angels? Yes they are watching and learning. Is it possible they could get confused by who is in charge, if the woman doesn't cover her head? Why are they watching? I don't know. But in in vs. 12 it says, And all things are from God.

So, why do I struggle with this? Probably because in our modern society, covering one's head is seemingly odd. It is associated with the Amish, Mennonites or Muslims. . I certainly wouldn't want to be associated with Muslims. I am also not Amish or Mennonite, but believe many of the same things.
EDITED:  (this statement has been taken as an offense. My apologies.  I am trying to say, I want to represent Christ, and dress in a way that would Honor Him, not to be labeled with any particular sect or group. I may be worrying way to much about what others think... and that is a problem I need to deal with personally.  Thank you for your criticism, as Iron sharpens Iron. I did not remove the statement, but struck it through, so the comments can be clarified)

There is also harsh criticizm and judgement from ladies who don't cover their heads. At the church I attend now, a few women cover their heads in church. I wonder how we came to the conclusion that it must only be done during church? Most don't even bother at church. I do most of the time, and then there are times I forget, because I am not covering my head all the time even though I feel compelled to do so. At a church I once went to , they refused to allow women to cover their heads. They said it was "legalistic". Is it legalistic to want to do what God wants us to do? Is it legalistic to be modest? Is it legalistic to want to be modest? Is it legalistic to have long hair?

I think it CAN be. Heart attitude is important here. BUT... heart attitude is not mentioned in these verses. If you are submissive in heart, submissive to your husband, and have a quiet spirit, then are you exempt from covering your head?
It doesn't say that.

Is my problem hidden pride? I would have to say yes. What do others think of me? What will people say? Will they think I'm legalistic? Oh heaven forbid! and it goes on from there. My focus winds up being me. And, that is prideful.

Lord, help me to do what is right; not what is right in my own eyes, but what is true and honorable. Please lead me and guide me. Help me not to offend. Help me to be a blessing to my husband and not a burden. Help me to cause your glory to shine through him.


Unknown said...

Funny thing you list Muslims, Amish and Mennonites... when the original idea comes from Judaism. I think I have never seen my elder half sister without either a wig or some other head covering. (I can't remember her from before I was removed from my family, and she was already married at the time of our reunion.) She is Modern Orthodox, and while she is on the less observant side (her husband shaves, they don't wear tzitzit, they don't keep the 6 hours between dairy and meat etc etc etc) she does cover her hair (as my BIL covers his head, too). In a way it might be legalistic. But it's something they feel is required by G-d.

My kid brother (now 22, married with a kid and one on the way) is also a lot more religious than I - of the modern orthodox neo-renewalist post-chassid variety. His wife, when they got engaged, said that she'd cover her hair for him after their wedding, to which he said that if she wants to cover her hair, it shouldn't be due to HIS religious convictions, but because she feels it is necessary for her own needs, desires and relationship with HaShem. She does cover her hair in shul, and when doing military things (she is career mailitary) she sometimes wears a hat or helmet, but really... her pink highlights just don't look the same under a shawl.

Christie M said...

You are right. When I wrote this, I didn't even think about Jewish, even though we buy our head coverings from "cover your hair.com" which is a business from Israel. LOL

There are many religious Jews in Dallas, but not where we are. However, the Muslim population is growing and really stands out, even in our small town. So I guess I didn't even think about it.

I still go back and forth on covering all the time. At church we cover for worship and prayer.
But during the week, I'm about 50/50.
Thanks for the reminder. :)

Amy said...

Just a quick comment, I really love your blog so I was reading through some of your old posts and I was suprised to see you say you wouldn't to be associated with Muslims. I'm a Christain too , and it made me really sad. The school I work at has a fairly large population of Muslims and they, parents and kids alike are some of the most amazing people I have ever met. Just as not all Christians are religious nuts like Fred Phelps not all Muslims are terroists on a Jihad. In fact I have never had any issues with our Muslim famlies at all, I did however have to break up a kicking, biting, scratching cat fight between two fourth grade girls who loudly profess to be Christians,they were fighting over whose church was better! I have found alot of beauty in the Muslim faith through my students quietly sharing what they have learned at the Mosque (their beautiful Psalm type writings in particular), and really beeen convicted to be more serious about my faith from watching their parents during Ramadan. I would be proud to be accosiated with these people!

Christie M said...

Amy, when I say I wouldn't want to be associated with Muslims, I am not talking about associating with them...as in knowing them or talking with them or having dinner with them. I am talking about people thinking I am Muslim instead of Christian.
We have friends who are Muslim too, but we are not Muslim.
I want to represent Christ and have my identity in Him.
Part of that identity WOULD be to associate with ALL people. :)

Amy said...

I'm glad to hear that, glad I asked!

Christie M said...

Amy I'm so glad you asked. I might make a note, and edit that to make it clear. :) Thank you!

C said...

I've jsut found your blog, and came across post, and read it to understand your reasoning behind covering your head.
I have to say though, like the person who commented before me, it did upset me to read your comment about not wanting to be 'associated' with Muslims.
You come across as such a genuinely Christ-like woman, with beautiful morals and values... and I would hate for others to read your post and see it the same way that I did - with negative connotations.

I come from a community where it is common for woman to cover their head - especially for Church - and we are neither Muslim, nor Amish. Nor Mennonites or Jewish. And the women in my community walk side by side with Muslim women, and Jewish woman - who also cover their heads - and none of them define themselves as one or the other, because they are all comfortable with who they are, and proud of their faith and the religion - religion is not a shield. Cover you head, as many do. Cover your face as some do. Wear a cross, or a star of David, or any other religious symbol.. but it's not something that we are supposed to defend our selves with.
There is no shame in being Muslim, nor being mistaken as Muslim.
Nor is their any shame in being recognised for who and what you are.
I'm pretty sure God sees it that way. God is God, whether he is called Allah, or God or Abba. He is OUR God.

Christie M said...

c, I think I answered that question up above in comments. But I'll go further. I love all people. I do not believe all faiths are the same or believe in the same God. I respect all people.

I have 2 amish style head coverings too, that I wear inside, but not out. Why? Because other people put a label on those kinds of head coverings and I would not want them to see me in an amish head covering, jeans and a t shirt. I think they would think I'm a runaway... :) But oh my, those coverings are GREAT...they are light and airy and when I wear my hair up, I forget it is on. (T
They are great for summer or wearing long hair up)
So I wear generic head coverings in public. :)

Christie M said...

I need to go back and read this post and find the offensive word and change it.

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