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Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day Musings

I have to say, that a few days ago, I was in a bit of a dismal mood and couldn't be bothered with Mother's Day. "Why do we have to be bothered wtih 'made up' days to make the card companies richer?" Those were my thoughts.

Then, the dreaded day arrived. I had already sent a few e cards out for my dear daughter's in law, and I love to do that for them. My problem is with me. I am uncomfortable with attendtion being paid to me. I know Mike doesn't care for holiday hubaloo, so I get uncomfortable with him feeling obligated. There are some things that cause him stress, and holidays is one of them. :)

So, on mother's day, I awoke to some sweet cards from the girls, and they WERE very sweet. They were so excited, that it made me feel excited too. It really was a special day after all, I am their mother and they are my daughters. Our son's being grown ups now with their own families are remembered on that day too. What life was like when they were little. It was really fun with them just as it is with the girls now.

So, here goes, this is what my day was like.

As I said before, I woke up to sweet cards and a box of treasures the girls collected. Anna's shawl that is too itchy, so she wanted me to have it. A baby seal, a tag from her clothing, a paper doll and a jewelry box.
We headed to church via the donut shoppe and picking up Katie. When worship was over, we headed home. Mike asked, what do you want to do? ( I hate that question) I was thinking, just go home and take a nap. But you see, as mothers, we really can't do that to our little children. They want to celebrate! We talked about the zoo, but there really wasn't enough time. So, because of my gluten free anti restaurant need, we stopped and got some tacos and headed to the local park.
We don't go to the park often, and it was special to go with mom and dad; so it was a real treat.
After playing in the park with the girls, we walked down town Wylie and stopped in for a cup of coffee, and the girls were treated to candy. They were so excited. Sarah said, "I think I'm dreaming!" This is the happiest day of my life!"
Wow. Simple pleasures.
We sat in front of the coffee shoppe and watched the girls play. Then we all headed back to the car.

I took a nap, sort of. Between the tortuous pain of having my hair styled by 2 8 year olds and a 7 year old, and having a manicure and pedicure, I managed to fall asleep and wake up to a french nail job. :)
It was so sweet.
Then it was off to McKinney Bible to listen to a missionary speak and see his slide show.
We also saw our children and dear grandson Will.

When we got home, it was 10:00. Anna and Mike didn't go to the store for a mother's day card. They were regretful.
I'm GLAD they didn't go to the store. We had a great time together, loving each other and spending time together.
That is what mother's day is about.

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