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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Our Very Newest Family Member

We have a large family and we are spread out all over the United States. But that doesn't mean we don't stay in contact and think about each other each and every day!

Our newest family member was born just last week, February 21, 2008. His name is Parker and weighed in at 7 lbs. 10 oz's. and 19" long. Kellie, his mom, who endured quite a labor, is our first cousin once removed, and 2nd cousin to our children. That makes Parker, our.....????? Hmmmm. Newest Family member.:)

Kirk and Robyn, our cousins are the proud grandparents.

You know, a baby is always such a wonderful thing. The sweet smell, that pathetically sweet cry, the gums without teeth, that special dazed look that dares to focus; such special moments. We look into those little eyes and realize that a whole separate, special, new life, apart from us has entered the world. And while he is apart, breathing on his own, a separate intity, he is also very much a PART OF us. He is totally dependent upon his mom and dad for his life, and what a lucky little guy to be born into such a loving family.

A couple of days after Parker was born, he gave his mom and dad a big surprise. Actually, he gave them a big shock. Parker came into this world with hemophilea.
He let them know, by bleeding. Of course they took him to the emergency room and the
diagnosis was made. He has been in the hospital and at this writing, I am not sure if he is home yet.

No parent wants to hear the words that their child will be different; that their child will suffer more than other children; that their child has a "condition". The words and information go in, and swim around somewhere and we are overwhelmed with trying to comprehend how this could happen. How come us? How come Him?

I don't dare to know the answer to those questions, but there is one thing I do know.
It is that GOD already KNEW. He will hold your hands dear family as you go through the fire. He will be with you as you raise this precious little boy to be all that he can be. And Parker will grow, and smile and laugh and reach out to be loved, and it is so wonderful that on the other end, his family will grow and smile and reach out and they will all connect and love each other and be thankful for this precious little gift. And we cannot wait to meet our new little family member.


For those reading this blog: Please hold Parker and his family up in your prayers.
They have much to glean about his condition and much to ponder.



Anonymous said...

Thank you Christie for making Parker the Star of the blog today.

He is absoloutley awsome.

He was born February 21,2008 at 11:04 PM 3 days of induced labor and only 15 minutes of pushing.

No forsepts or suction needed - which could of been tragic with his deficiency.

He was 7lbs 10 oz and 19" long.

His dads name is Jason Raska and he has been more than I could hope for loving and caring for this little boy. He loves them to pieces.

Kellie is doing ok, still, emotional and scared but the Dr. in Grand Rapids at the DeVoss Childrens Pediatrics Hemotology Clinic at a very large hospital has been very possitive and supportive along with being a mom her self, in addressing his upcoming needs.

Thank you for your wonderful words of ecouragement and love Christie, please pass this along to Ed - he was asking the details to update the Minich Family Tree.

Kellies internet is down , we are working on it. I spoke to her this morning and your words meant alot to her.

Love Robin ( Grandma )

Anonymous said...

Little Parker is a jewel!.A child with problems seems to be one way God uses to make us better parents. Accepting the challenge is the first part of the challenge.


Kellie Jo said...

Dear Christie,

We can't begin to thank you enough. Your big heart and words of encouragement were needed by all of us. We are doing well and taking everything in strides. I believe that God gave us Parker as a blessing and knew that we could handle his condition and use it to become the best parents we can be.

I hope that you all can meet him soon, but until then I will keep the pictures updated. Thanks again!

Kellie, Jason, and Parker

Kellie Jo said...

Being tested....

Another trip to the hemotology clinic for another injection for Parker today.
I thought I could handle cutting his finger nails since he had been scratching at his face... I was wrong.
I cut Parkers nail to short and ended up back to the hospital to get more clotting factor. WOW what a crazy first 13 days for this little man.

Kellie (MOM)

Christie M said...

Kellie, you already sound like an old pro! :)

You guys are doing great!

Love to all. :)

You Are Still Holy