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Monday, March 24, 2008

How About Toilet Trouble!

Oh my, what a beginning to a week! I noticed last week that the bathroom floor seemed like it was sort of wet. I thought the 5 girls had been sloppy, dried it and went on.
Then on Saturday, I noticed the wood laminate flooring in the bathroom starting to buckle. There was a leak under the toilet, seeping along under the floor.

So, it looks like we will be "remodeling" a bathroom. If you have to change the floor, you may as well paint right? And fix a few other things too. :)

We had agreed to no jobs being done until the siding was finished, but this one seems that it will have to trump the siding for now.

Here is a lovely picture of the floor buckling.

The hole in the floor actually reminds me of some of the "toilets" we saw in Ukraine.


Melissa E. said...

Does your insurance cover that one?! I hope so!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow ! Well, at least you can have a little fun with the re-model :).


Christie M said...

I think we are going to skip the insurance on this one. We have had 2 major files in the last 5 years. One for a bad hail storm and one for a major water leak.

I think we will enjoy this remodel though. We plan to put tile in the bathroom instead of wood flooring. That way, we won't have this problem again.

I also want to put in a pedastal sink. That way there will be more room to get Erika in and out of the bath tub. I just might talk mike into a REALLY complete remodel and remove the tub completely and make a slanted flat shower area. The bathroom is big enough for this. Erika is not getting any smaller and This way she could shower herself on a shower chair. That is something we really need.

For now, everybody is in OUR bathroom. :) yippie.

Anonymous said...

wow! when did you find this


Christie M said...

When we got home from church on Sunday, the floor was still wet and nobody had showered since the night before. :)

Anonymous said...

so you just thought it was water from the showers?

Christie M said...

Yes, that is right. I thought ya'll were just being messy. :)

junglemama said...

Awww, what a bummer. :(

Christie M said...

A look on the bright side; new tile and paint! :)

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