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Friday, May 16, 2008

Covenant Theology and Ducks

So you might be thinking, "What does covenant theology have to do with a Duck?"
Well, let me tell you a story.

Over the last year we have been discussing baptism with the girls,after 2 expressed a desire for baptism. They have learned to explain it quite well.

Since then, Anna has been baptized, but Erika and Sarah have not.
Anna was baptized when Erika was in a body cast, and since that time, the elders of our church are discussing if children should be baptized. (that is another post)

So, on Sunday morning, our teacher was teaching on Baptism. He mentioned several scriptures that related to "and they and their whole household were baptized."

Anna immediately picked up on "and their whole household", and that got her to thinking..... a dangerous thing sometimes for her....

"The duck is part of the household, she is in our family"....

She came in from playing and announced, "I Baptized the Duck!"


She said,

"I read her a verse from the Bible, Sang a Song, when she heard the word God, she quacked, so I baptized her." :)

We now have a Christian Duck. :)

I might start calling her Sister Aunt Jemima Puddle Duck or Saint Aunt Jemima Puddle Duck.


Anonymous said...

found your blog through FRUA. your girls are so cute. i'm the one who has been complaining about TX ;)

Kevin and Krista said...

That is too funny!

:) Krista

Christine Pulliam said...

In the Mitford books the dog Barnabas responds to Scripture so maybe animals are part of the spiritual household too

Anonymous said...

Now, that's what I call 'ducking' the issue! Who knows where this will lead? You know... what's good for the goose...
'Down'-right hilarious, Christine - you 'quack'-me up! ;)

Unknown said...

Over three years later... this is still one of my fave posts. Shows the tender heart of your girl, and her concern for her feathery friend's eternal welfare.

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