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Monday, May 12, 2008

The Flowering Dogwood

Here is a picture of the Flowering Dogwood. I contacted Amy at Purdue Plant and Pest Diagnostic Lab, and she kindly gave permission for me to use it.

If you notice, this is a Dual Color Flowering Dogwood. I was showing it to the girls as an example of being "grafted". We had talked earlier last week about being "grafted" into our family through adoption.

The branches that are grafted into the dogwood tree MUST be part of the tree in order to get nourishment and blossom. In the same way, when we are adopted, we become part of a family and we are nourished and blossom.

I think the Dogwood Tree is a very good picture of Adoption. It is beautiful and in the case of the dual colored Dogwood, its diversity makes it even more beautiful.
You cannot have this beauty without the grafting that took place.

I think we are going to plant a Dogwood in the Fall. It will be our family tree. :)


Ivy said...

Wonderful Christie! You are right! We should plant one of those.

junglemama said...

Neat! You are an amazing woman!

Melissa E. said...

Yes, and it should be a dual color!

Actually, In my Michigan bulb catalog is an apple tree that grows three different kinds of apples. That might be a good choice for me since I want an apple tree and it would be able to double as an excellent object lesson!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture of that dogwood. It is one of my favorites in Oklahoma. I like the metaphor as an example of adoption.

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