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In this life we can not always do great things. But we can do small things with great love.." :) Mother Teresa

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“I pray because I can't help myself. I pray because I'm helpless. I pray because the need flows out of me all the time- waking and sleeping. It doesn't change God- it changes me.”
― C. S. Lewis


I believe in the sun even when it's not shining. I believe in love even when I don't feel it. And I believe in God even when He is silent. (quote found on the wall of a concentration camp)

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Friday, June 27, 2008

5 More kids coming home

You know, sometimes you meet somebody online, and your lives just "click".
To some of you that might sound very strange, but for others, you get it.
You don't have to see somebody face to face to get to know them or understand them.
Letters can be powerful forces.

That is how I feel about Mama Jeane. We are kindred spirits of a sort. :)
She and her precious husband have 5 more children added to their home as of yesterday.
They are still in Ukraine finishing up the grueling paperwork, so if you think about it, pray for them.

There is the "romantic" side to adpoption, then there is the reality of mounds of paperwork. Paperwork is my own personal enemy. You could tell that if you could see
my desk! One of the other benefits of long distance relationships is YOU CAN'T see my desk. :)

Praise be to the Lord for His infinite goodness in bringing this family together.
May He grant ease of transition into life here in America for the new kids who range in age of 11-16.

God Bless Mamajeanne!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Reeds are In Ukraine

Some of our computer friends are in Ukraine right now adopting their 11th child,
Dennis. If you want to follow their journey, just click on the link. :)


I also have this under adoption related blogs: Christine's OTHER blog

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Family Funnies

Last night, during Family Worship, daddy got out Fox's Book of Martyrs.
The title is, "Foxe's Christian Heroes and Martyr's of the World.
He showed the book to the girlies and asked "What do you think this book is about?"

Sarah very proudly said, "It is about Foxes, Christians, Heroes and Martyrs.

This a.m., Anna was Cleaning Ruby Carole's Fish tank. I overheard her very calmly telling Ruby the fish, "if you don't swim into my hand right now, I'm going to have to ground you and take away some of your pretty rocks!" LOL

Erika just woke up. She is being nicknamed "Sleeping Beauty". Yesterday she slept till 11:00! So today, when she finally awoke at 9:30 she said, "I'm trying to get up early."

Anna, Packing Bags, Memories, Triumph

Anna has been with us for nearly 1/2 of her life. 4 and a half years. She is 9 and a half now. When her birthday comes in November, it will be exactly 1/2 of her life.

It doesn't seem possible,as life has been a flurry of events in the last 4 plus years. :)

Anna reminds me sometimes of a kitten that has been tossed into the water. When you pick them up they are frightened and the claws are extended, like "what just happened to me?"

This is how she is inside when we start to pack our bags for vacation, or for a short trip. As I was packing for us to go to Oklahoma, I could feel that she was uneasy.

If I recognize her uneasiness and stop and rock her, and talk to her, typically, she gets back in normal rhythm. If I don't, her claws might come out and she gets grumpy or whiny or sassy or all of the above.

She still gets afraid. Memories come back and when bags are packed that reminds her of moving from foster home to foster home and she is right back there.

It doesn't help when we are packing to go to Oklahoma, where she spent most of her foster care experience.

We kind of joked in the morning when she was curled up on the couch with "Kitty", her sleeping buddy watching the action of the day take place, that she was curling up and hiding so we couldn't see her. "Common' we gotta get moving so we can leave on time!" She didn't want any part of it. But after recognizing the "look", I had to stop, rock and talk. After our talk, and our rock, she was more relaxed and even participated in the packing.

Once we got on the road and to our destination, she did great. When we got home, she was exhuberant... "We're home! We're Home!" She talked about getting home, and then we were there. She ran next door to get her fish and turtle and check on her animals and was one busy bee; and then she slept. She slept calmly and contentedly in her forever bed, in her forever room, in her forever home, and in the morning, she was relaxed.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Voice of the Martyr's Conference

We attended "The Voice of the Martyr's Conference" for the first time last weekend.
I have always wanted to attend this conference and this was the year to do it.

I was taken away by the Spirit of love that permeated the entire conference. Everybody there was so sweet and polite and seemed to just ooze the Love of Christ. We attended with a few other families from our church and got to know some of them a little better too. :)

If you aren't familiar with "The Voice of the Martyr's", it was founded by Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand. They were Romanian Christians. They survived world war 2, and then the communists took over Romania. Pastor Wurmbrand was a popular speaker and writer at that time. All the pastors were asked to attend a mandatory meeting and then told they would need to embrace communism and cease the teachings of Christ. Pastor Wurmbrand was one who stood up and said no, knowing that he would be arrested. Several days later, he was. He and Sabina were imprisoned for years, leaving their son to fend for himself on the streets. That is another story in itself.

Richard Wurmbrand wrote his first book "Tortured for Christ" many years ago. I was introduced to the book and heard of Richard Wurmbrand from my science teacher. I read it when I was in 7th grade and it changed my life. It opened my eyes to what life was like for the devoted Christian in an unchristian, unprotected,world.
It made me be bold for my faith and gave me courage, especially the next year when I attended a different school.

This year, the countries represented were, Iraq, Iran, Israel(bethlehem), Bangladesh, Columbia, China, North Korea, Romania, and the Philippines.

Gracia Burnham spoke and that was amazing.

One of the more touching moments for me personally, was having a Palestinian Christian Pastor from Bethlehem, lead in the communion service, and all of the speakers, served communion. That was so touching, and really put meaning to the Body of Christ for me personally.

Each of them spoke of how important it is for us to pray for them and that in their worst moments, they could feel our prayers.

That is also something that Richard Wurmbrand wrote about in his book. He thought western christians were praying for him in prison, and was so sad when he found out, nobody in the west even knew who he was or that he was in prison.

That is why he founded Voice of the Martrys. So people would be made aware of brothers and sisters in Chains around the world.

This is a very worth while organization and if you haven't heard of them, I recommend you check them out. They have a news letter than they send out free once a month, and many materials. They have a children's newsletter also called, "Kids of Courage" which our girls receive.

The children's conference was wonderful too, and our girls came back rejoicing over what they had heard. Tonight during our worship time they prayed for those who suffer for Jesus Christ.

During the question and answer session, a question was posed and Mihai Wurmbrand answered it...

The question was: "What about the children of Christians... if we were to be persecuted,here, would our children turn away from their faith?

Mihai answered that so very well. He said usually persecution causes children of believers to cling to their faith.

One woman put it so well. I cannot turn away from what is true.

I do not have any pictures of the conference because, it was important not to take pictures. Many people who came are in danger in their own countries and having their faces exposed even on a limited blog like this could put them in danger.

Please remember our brothers and sisters in Christ who suffer for their faith, all over the world, and if you can, check out the Voice of the Martyr's web site.
They do much for helping families of imprisoned believers.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

So What IS Home Really?

A friend wrote in an email that he was asked, "Do you feel like you are back at home?"
His family lives all over the world, literally. He and his wife are missionaries.
They live in one of the most dangerous parts of the world that there is today.
They have lived elsewhere, and their children, all grown now, have lived in the U.S., in the middle east, in missionary schools, and now reside with their individual families.

I was thinking about "What is Home really?"

Home is where you hang your hat, and even your hat is a rental......

It is important to remember that WHERE we live, geographically, is not important. It is HOW we live that is important. You can be at "home" anywhere. But, to really be "home", is to be in the presence of the Lord. I'm not talking just "future" either.
We can be in the presence of the Lord, right now, here, there, anywhere, as long as we are in His presence.

While we are glad our friends are visiting, we know they know where their real home is.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Label Thingy

I just figured out the labeling thing. I had to go to the blog and look something up and it was a terrible thing to try to find! Then, I saw, "labels"!
I'm in the middle of labeling the posts. This may take some time! :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Red Eared Slider Turtle

Introducing our newest Family member:

Tom the Turtle. Our resident zoo keeper loves him dearly. She found him in the yard on Sunday afternoon. Since then she has been "googling" how to take care of a red eared slider turtle. I have no idea how he got near our water faucet outside, but I'm glad he is here. Isn't he cute? It looks like he is smiling for the camera. Or maybe he is smiling because he is being LOVED by a little girl who wants to be a zoo keeper someday. Or maybe he is smiling because he thinks she will actually GET him the designer home for 1,000.00 she googled on the internet; Not on his little red eared slider turtle life!


1. Paint your sister's eyelashes with nail polish while she is sleeping!

2. When mother inquires as to WHY sister has woken up crying, "my eye,my EYE"!
You stand and look unaware of WHY her eye MIGHT be burning......

3. When sister says, "she got nail polish in my eye, you say, "Not IN your eye, just on
your eye lashes!"

3. When mother sends you to daddy to get the emergency eye wash, you go ask daddy
"Do you have any eye drops?" rather calmly!.....

Yep, this was the scenario at our house this a.m.

Sarah decided Erika would look pretty with Purple Eyelashes.

Daddy handled Sarah so very well. She was hiding out in her room feeling terrible.
It wasn't her intent to harm her sister. She was shocked when sister started crying.
Even more shocked when I grabbed sister from bed and started pouring water on her eyes and then said, GO GET DADDY NOW! Tell him we need the eye drops FAST!
(He has an emergency eye wash kit due to chemicals he uses regularly, including acetone, which is what nail polish contains)
So daddy pulled Sarah to his lap and she was crying. Then she was getting mad because she didn't want to be held right then, she wanted to run and hide in shame.
Daddy so wisely said, "I love you, even when you do things that are foolish." "I love you, even when you are mad." "What you do, doesn't change how I feel about you."
She melted.

The victim,Erika, is fine. Her eye was washed out with a special solution for about 15 minutes and then we put in a lubricant.

All is back to normal, what ever that is..... and, we have new knowledge about nail polish. It is for FINGERNAILS ONLY!

One of the things we easily forget with our girls and are reminded of regularly, is that they are not their "age", in knowledge or emotion. They are much younger.
Sarah just turned 9, and did something that a toddler might do. She missed being taught about "nail polish". Her response was also younger than her age.
Jumping from, "big girls" "tween girls" to "toddler girls" isn't always easy and is sometimes a maze to get through. Some behaviors can be puzzling.

We will get there with each of them. The journey to adulthood with any child can be harrowing. :)

This journey is so rewarding and scary and fun and crazy and we are the luckiest parents on earth. :)

And we are very glad that Erika can see. :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Birthday Events!

The Birthday Girlies:

Sarah, Present Hunting:

There is always time to dance inbetween looking for presents....

Every year, we have a hide and go seek present event! Here is Erika finding her present....

Erika received a watch from Gramma and Grampa. She loves her watch because this year she learned how to tell time!

Sarah Loved getting a new Ring for her birthday!

This is the "CAKE" Sarah Requested. No cake, just Chocolate and Strawberries with Candles.... It tasted WONDERFUL!

Water Gun Fight With Grampa

This Is What It Looks Like To Be 9 All At The Same Time!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

Father's day has come once again, and it was a wonderful time of visiting with Mike's mom and dad, going out for BBQ and just enjoying each other's company.

Father's are so important in the lives of children. In our society, a father's role is underestimated.

I am so thankful for Mike as a father. I would not be able to fulfill what I do as a mother, without his willingness to be the father that he is to our girls.

Our girls grew up without a father (or a mother) for many years. It has been fun to see the relationship between them and Mike develop. He is an awesome father to them and they love him and shower him with kisses and hugs....

Today was also special, in that , PAPA DIMA was able to speak at our church about his ministry to orphans in Ukraine. What a wonderful time for his visit. He is the "Papa" to countless orphans and hospitalized children, and he was able to come to America and be here on "Father's Day". They do not celebrate Father's day in Ukraine.
His message how the Lord has made his ministry possible, and the evident love and care for the orphans was an inspiration for All of us who attended.

Finally, even those of us who will never have an "earthly" father, yet have trusted in Christ for life, can celebrate their Heavenly Father. We are ALL adopted son's and daughters in Christ Jesus. Our heavenly father, nurtures and cares for us and watches over us, and is such a wonderful example for ALL fathers to follow.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Do I dare?

OF course I do! :)

Jumproping Anna

Jumproping Sarah


"Here mama, can you keep these?"

They were the pictures of her bio mom.

"You are the best mama I have ever had, so I really don't need these any more."


We repeat this process about every 6 mos. Anna's pictures of her bio mom stay on her shelf, she looks at them, then she turns them to face the wall, then she put them in a drawer, then she returns them to me to put in my drawer, and then in a few months, it won't surprise me if she says, "Mom, you know those pictures of T, is it ok if I look at them?"

I smile and give them back. :)

THIS time, however, is the first time she ever said, "You are the best mama I have ever had."

It must be odd having had so many mamas. I'm so thankful to be her forever mama,
and not just one in a long list of "mamas".

On her birthday in November, she will have spent exactly 1/2 of her life with us, and that is a significant milestone that she is very aware of.
It is important to her that she has been here a long time, and even the "longest".

I have overheard her saying, "You're the oldest, but I've been here the longest!" :)

It is such a joy watching them grow.

Sarah at the Doctor Again.....

Periodically, Sarah's leg gets sore. 2 x's in the last 3 years she has required surgery because the bone in her leg grows and tries to keep on going, even though there is no leg there to grow into....

Well, it appears that it is happening again. When she keeps taking her leg off, I know that something isn't quite right. They are going to try and hold surgery off. They did this by grinding out a place in her prosthetic leg so she has more cushion.

Because she is having surgery on her hand in September, they are going to try and coordinate surgery on her leg at the same time. They are also going to operate on her knee on that same leg, as the knee cap keeps popping out and she falls to the ground unexpectedly.

And guess what? ALL this is going to take place on September 5th! This means, she will have a cast on her leg that wraps around her waist, AND a cast on her arm. Remember that picture I posted of the little girl who didn't like her dress?
Ummmmm..... I get the feeling, we'll have that face to deal with because she won't like her cast, and will be bound to a wheel chair for at least 6-8 weeks.

Please pray for her as she has apprehension about surgery. She said, "I don't want to have surgery, but I do want to have surgery?" Explain please?

"I like going to the hospital and playing games and I can watch the TV in bed etc.
But I don't like the pain."

I can understand that. :)

There is a chance by grinding out the prosthetic leg, it could cause things to get better and that surgery might be cancelled, and then they would wait on the knee surgery. If that happens, we will just go as planned with the hand surgery.

Something else we also noticed just yesterday, is that there is beginning to be a significant difference in the size of Sarah's right forearm, vs. her left forearm.
I'm not sure the cause or if we should bring that up to her doc's for advice?

God Knows her body better than any of us.

I'm just happy to be her mama. :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Successful Catch!!!!

I wrote about a mouse invasion a few posts ago. We have successfully eliminated most of those little buggers, and things are very quiet around here! YEA!

But then, there was a ruckus in the kitchen, I heard some noise and ran to see what it was:

I had caught Erika. :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sarah and the Doctor

Sarah went to the Doctor yesterday. This wasn't the doctor she usually goes to, but our regular Family Doctor. He has seen everybody in the family at least once, except for Sarah.
Both times I scheduled her for well checks, we had to cancel because of surgery coming up.

So this time, we decided while nothing is happening, lets go have a well check.
I have had this terrible fear in my mind about her past TB; that it might come back.
She had a chest Xray last month and the results were sent to the doctor. ALL is well!
She is doing great.

I knew she was, but it is always good to hear it from the guy who listens to the heartbeat and reads the chest Xrays. :)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Gramma And Grampa Are Coming To Town!

Our mom and dad are coming down from Tulsa Oklahoma. What makes this visit special?
All visits are special, but they are bringing their new baby with them too. Grampa just bought a new Nissan that is a hybrid. I don't know the name of it, but it looks really cool. So, the trip down to Texas shouldn't be cost prohibitive like it would be if he were still driving his Buick.

We are excited to have them come, and they plan to stay the weekend. Papa Dima will be at our church on Sunday, so they will be coming to hear him speak and then stay for a reception that evening.

The girls are going to be soooo excited. :)

I know we are.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Of Mice and Not so Fair Maidens

Ok, we have mice, once again! Living in the country invites critters to see the inside of your house sometimes. Our cat is just NOT doing his job right now! We have several acres behind our property that is not developed. When mice discover our home, they try to invade! Normally, we might see one or two, and then after they are caught, NOTHING, for a LONG time.... but I get the feeling, somebody had babies and we are seeing brothers and sisters! So, I have been on the attack! I caught 2 mice TONIGHT while writing my previous post! I am determined they will not move into my house! Mi casa is NOT sue Casa! (though it appears they have determined it to be so!)

I'm ready for an indoor cat! Now to convince Mike. :)

I have no plans of being nice to mice!

Visiting Thoughts

I'm sitting here tonight; late tonight.... unable to sleep quite yet.
We have had lots of excitement around here, lots of memories brought back up, and lots of time to reminisce.

I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes, because I can't believe how the Lord saw fit to use us... who are we? Nobodies. We are "Mechanic Mike and Farmer "wannabe" Christie".
Yet, in God's infinite plan, he chose us for his purposes. Doesn't that just blow your mind?

As we were talking to Papa Dima, so much information that we did not have about our little girls was coming out.
He talked about the first time he met our Sarah as an 18 month old child. He said, "she was like a wild animal in a cage". The doctor told him, "don't pay attention to that one"; like she was a hopeless case. She recoiled in fear at somebody coming near her crib. Now, just look at her... she is funny and smart and amazing and loving and kind and sweet, and she is our little girl.

In Erika's case: Our paperwork arrived at the orphanage on the very day she was to be sent away to a mental institution forever. I didn't know that. I knew she was leaving soon, but didn't know her bags were packed and she was an hour away from leaving.
THAT is how she knew something was happening.... because she didn't leave.....

Isn't our Lord INCREDIBLE? Isn't it amazing how he uses us to bring glory to himself?
You always look at it as "somebody else", they have an amazing relationship with God, and exciting life, and God works in their lives in a mighty way... you never look at it as you....

Yet, here we are, and God has worked in OUR lives, and we continue to Marvel at the process....
We are not special. We are not spectacular... We are just servants.

My heart sings with Joy to the Lord for HIS marvelous and wondrous works are many.
My faith is increased at the testimony of His love and faithfulness.

I continue to be amazed as the haze wears off and I see clearly the HAND of GOD in our lives, orchestrating every step in the way HE did, where there was no CHANCE at ALL for any question of "who was in charge". GOD was in Charge. He IS in charge, and we happily give him the steering wheel of our lives because, when HE drives, we get to take some very exciting and unexpected journeys.

Praise the Lord for his loving kindess and mercy and grace that gets us through each and every day.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

What Do You Do When You Visit The Park?

You PLAY! You hang upside down, you talk with your sister right side up, and you talk with your sister upsidedown! You play with the other children, talk with Mark Twain and then you rest. :)

Friday, June 6, 2008

A Wonderful Visit

Papa Dima, Galya, Olga and Irra,
descended from the Friendly Skys on a Jet plane and landed in America. This was Irra's first trip ever to America. It was Papa Dima's and Galya's first trip to Texas.
Olga is Americanized. She is a Baylor Graduate. :)

We had a wonderful visit with them. We hosted some friends on Wednesday night and had Texas BBQ. On Thursday we went to the Scottish Rite Hospital for Children and took a tour, so they could see where the girls are getting their care. We were very fortunate that Mike, being a volunteer in Radiology on Friday's, was able to arrange a special tour through the radiology department and we were able to go into each room and see the specialized equipment. They were also able to meet the special friends who make Erika and Sarah's legs. They were greeted with big smiles and the girls were thrilled that Papa Dima could meet their prosthetists.

I will post more pictures when I have time. But the one above is a group shot in the Radiology Department. The lady on the Left is Lois, the director of Radiology. Mike took the picture, thus he isn't in it. :) The other one is of the 2 fellows that make the Girl's legs. John and Steve. They are two very special men.

You Are Still Holy