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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sarah at the Doctor Again.....

Periodically, Sarah's leg gets sore. 2 x's in the last 3 years she has required surgery because the bone in her leg grows and tries to keep on going, even though there is no leg there to grow into....

Well, it appears that it is happening again. When she keeps taking her leg off, I know that something isn't quite right. They are going to try and hold surgery off. They did this by grinding out a place in her prosthetic leg so she has more cushion.

Because she is having surgery on her hand in September, they are going to try and coordinate surgery on her leg at the same time. They are also going to operate on her knee on that same leg, as the knee cap keeps popping out and she falls to the ground unexpectedly.

And guess what? ALL this is going to take place on September 5th! This means, she will have a cast on her leg that wraps around her waist, AND a cast on her arm. Remember that picture I posted of the little girl who didn't like her dress?
Ummmmm..... I get the feeling, we'll have that face to deal with because she won't like her cast, and will be bound to a wheel chair for at least 6-8 weeks.

Please pray for her as she has apprehension about surgery. She said, "I don't want to have surgery, but I do want to have surgery?" Explain please?

"I like going to the hospital and playing games and I can watch the TV in bed etc.
But I don't like the pain."

I can understand that. :)

There is a chance by grinding out the prosthetic leg, it could cause things to get better and that surgery might be cancelled, and then they would wait on the knee surgery. If that happens, we will just go as planned with the hand surgery.

Something else we also noticed just yesterday, is that there is beginning to be a significant difference in the size of Sarah's right forearm, vs. her left forearm.
I'm not sure the cause or if we should bring that up to her doc's for advice?

God Knows her body better than any of us.

I'm just happy to be her mama. :)

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