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Monday, July 21, 2008

Girl Time

Our precious grand daughter Katie, now known as Kate, is visiting for a couple of days.

We started our Kid day on Sunday with a visit to Cheddars and the local water park.

Boy those places can be hard on a mom. There are so many themes I could write about I wouldn't know where to start.

I'll start with.... I just LOVE my grand daughter. She didn't come into our family until she was 5. She came with a fantastic mommy who is now my daughter.

The first time Katie spent the night, I had this great idea to buy her an outfit.
I did. I just didn't realize at that time that little girls had taste in clothing at such a young age, and my taste was definitely NOT hers. I had her try on my prized outfit to which she said, "GRAMMM! I LOOK LIKE A CLOWN!" dang..... I told her to go show grampa to which he sympathetically said, "honey, she does kind of look like a clown." To which my first gramma outfit feelings were hurt, but I bucked up and dealt with it. She wore her jeans to church. :)

So here we are, 4 weddings and 3 adoptions later and she still loves me. I haven't purchased ANYTHING for her to wear unless she gives the green light. I guess I've improved because she usually does. :) What a good sport.

So, back to yesterday.....

She was so great at the waterpark. 2 of the girls cannot wear their legs at the park so they either have to hop (sarah) or be carried (erika). Katie generously gave Sarah piggy pack rides all afternoon. Erika and I hung out most of the time in the wading pool or lazy river while Dad, and the other girls climbed all those stairs to the water slides.

I am so amazed that Sarah could hop with a big inner tube, drag that thing up all those stairs slide down and have the energy to do it all over again!

I liked the Lazy river. :)

Erika started her afternoon hoping that I would drag her up those stairs, but I just couldn't. If I had been younger, or had a different body, I probably would have tried, but that isn't my or her reality. I simply said, "some things we are going to have to accept that we cannot do, and we need to be joyful for others who CAN do it, and cheer them on!" So, her sisters and daddy and Katie thought of her often when they were at the tops of those towers, always looking down to wave and catch her eye so she could see how high they were, to which I would say, "aren't you glad you didn't have to climb that?" and she'd grin.....

She liked the lazy river too.

One great thing about their ages, is we can let them go in a certain area and give directions to where we are seated and they can meet us back after a few times on a slide. This was the first time we had done this and it worked out great.

Instead of taking Kate back home last night, she and the girls schemed for her to spend the night. I wanted her to anyhoo, all along really.... so she got permission and is here today. I have had a pedicure and manicure, a nap, and the girls have cleaned their room. Then they decided they will be putting on a play tonight and right now they are playing store. They also painted some cool pictures.

I just love having them in our lives.

Thanks Chuck and Jodie for sharing Kate with us. :)

I have pictures of today, but we forgot the camera at the waterpark.... dang.:(


Unknown said...

I love the way you talk about your daughter in law. My mother in law calls me her daughter, too, and it means more than you can know!

junglemama said...

What fun! You are such a great mom!

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