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I believe in the sun even when it's not shining. I believe in love even when I don't feel it. And I believe in God even when He is silent. (quote found on the wall of a concentration camp)

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Laundry Woes

Today was one of those laundry night mare days I don't like to remember.
I woke up at 6 to get things in the dryer from the night before, then had to get another load going to catch up and then get another one... etc.

One of the things that I thought would never be repeated in history, not in this family anyway, was washing clothes, folding them, turning them over to the kids, only to find them in the laundry again. Unworn!

It is a case of the "too lazy to put it away syndrome".

So today, I folded my least favorite wash. The WHITE clothes, which includes nightgowns, only to find Erika taking the nightgown I just folded 1/2 hour before and placing it in the dirty clothes.

I told her, "that is not dirty, I just washed it." Her answer?

A. I'm sorry
B. Yes mam, I'll put it away.
C. Oh, my mistake, so sorry, I'll put it away right now....

D. You didn't wash it, I wore it last night!

Unfortunately, the answer was D.

So then I continued, "Yes, I did wash it, this morning!" Please put it away.
So did she stop and put it away?

"No, mom, you didn't wash it!", and so on!

So, I made it very clear that I was unhappy with her D answer and the one that followed, to which she burst into tears.

So I said, "do you not beleive that mother washed your nightgown?"
Her answer, "I don't know....

Meaning, :She didn't want to be wrong....

I felt like I was dealing with the FONZ from Happy Days.

I asked her, "Why are you crying?"
Because you hurt my feelings..... hmmm.....

Do you want to know why your feelings are hurt?

NO, if you tell me it will just hurt my feelings more. LOL

Oh, so you don't want me to tell you you were wrong?


females..... hmmmm..... never thought it COULD be that, but it just might.
I think I'm going to need a pent house apartment with a white linen couch
to recline on during these "special times", that are coming up.

argh......... and the times are a commin' I can feel it. :)

3 puberty stricken girls and a menopausal mother.
Poor Mike.


Anonymous said...

I think you may need a warning sign to stick in your front yard...you know, like, "Beware of the..." or "Warning!..."
Or how about, "Caution! Hormones in this household may surge abruptly and without warning!"


Christie M said...


How about "Caution Hormone Surge Protector Off! Enter at your own risk!"

On a better note: Last night we went to the Opening of Kit Kittridge an American Girl....
On the way into the theatre, she held my hand and said, "Mom, I'm really sorry, will you forgive me?"
Yes, "I'm really sorry too, will you forgive me?" Yes....
and then things seemed back to normal again. :)

Anonymous said...

how was the movie

Christie M said...

Hi Katie,

It was pretty good! :) We had the theater to ourselves for about 10 minutes and then another family came in. :)
(hey, this was a private screening!)
just kidding. :)

We really enjoyed it.

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