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Thursday, July 24, 2008

School or School? That is the Question

Here is a picture of Erika and I on a field trip. We took Papa Dima to take a Hospital Tour. I think Erika LOVES her teacher. :)

My life sometimes seems like a whirlwind of activity.

I have been homeschooling kids since Marcus was in 2nd grade for the 2nd time. :)
I believe it was 1992 when we embarked on our Homeschooling Adventure, and it didn't end until Marcus went to college.

Then, came Anna. She was so needy and so fragile I didn't even consider school for her.
The same with Sarah, and the same with Erika. Homeschooling has worked out very well for them, and they are all at their grade level in most subjects. Probably in all subjects, but I don't know that for sure. :)

The truth is, however, I am tired. Very tired. The girls have all settled in, they all know English well, they are all reading and doing math and most importantly, they are all attached to us and know that we love them with our whole hearts.

I am considering checking out the local schools in our area. Schools in our area are rated quite well and we are supposedly in a top school district. I think they would all do well, and I am considering trying out the school waters for them.
I will be going on an information mission first.

The biggest thing is, I want to do what is best for them. It might be good for them to see what public school is like; what it is like to ride the school bus and have homework and what it is like to get up at 5:30 to catch the bus by 7:00.

IF, and I do mean IF we choose to do this, I will work in the office with Mike again and work on my writing projects.

What do ya'll think?


Anonymous said...

Hey are you coming to camp next week??? I am!!---Kylie

Anonymous said...

Go with what gives you peace.

We reassess DJ's education options each year. Thus far we have been from Christian school (K) to public school (1-2) to private specialty school (3rd) and began homeschooling in January when we moved to Texas.


Anonymous said...

I think, you're not homeschooling because you're tired?!! If the girls go to school, why are you going to do office work? You should be out in the hammock!

Christie M said...

Hey Kylie,
See U at CAMP!!!!

Christie M said...

I need to GET a hammock! What a great idea. :)

Christie M said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

YAYY! haha im excited yall are goin! ill see y'all there! tell erika hi for me!-kylie

Christie M said...

I should have never said I was tired.
But I'll leave it, because I said it.

I think, trying to put my finger on making this decision has been hard, but when Mike and I were talking about it today, I might have hit the nail on the head.
This is so emotional, I didn't expect it to be so. Part of the tired, is the going over and over and second guessing what is best. I had thought about this in the middle of last year too.

I am working with 3 special kids. Erika and Sarah have physical special needs as well as language issues, but Anna, has special needs educationally. I can teach her, but it takes her so much longer to grasp concepts, yet she is so very smart. She shuts down easily, so I have to find that perfect balance between push and hold back, push and hold back. (that is what makes me tired.:) )

In talking with the school today, they said something like, "they should all go into 4th grade and then we will adjust and test etc.

I am way uncomfortable with that.
I don't want to set her up for failure. And, my gut feeling is, that it will. I need to do some more investigation.

The thing is, I don't want to come off as a know it all parent. I want to be respectful of their professionalism etc. On the other hand,
I HAVE been a special ed teacher since 1992, and I am a professional. I KNOW what I'm talking about, I know my girls, and our special kids from before are college graduates with good grades.

Ahhh. I just don't know if it is even worth it to go any further..... on the other hand, it might be worth it to have a face to face meeting to see what I can accomplish.

I DO NOT want to spend time having to battle for the rights to educational opportunity. It would be easier to stay home and keep doing what we are doing.

On my knees, seeking wisdom. :)

Annie said...

One thing about the adopted children....I think it is REALLY important to put them at least a couple of grades back. (For mine one year has not been sufficient.) I failed to do this with one of mine, and he ended up having to repeat a year. [and I had to change schools to accomplish this - but now he is on target] It takes a while not only to learn English, but also to just process interiorly all that has happened in their lives. In a sense, they "lose" a year at least living through this huge transition while other children are progressing along, able to concentrate on math, reading, writing, etc.

Another thing I have realized is that even the "experts" know little about adopted children. Their training is primarily with ESL learners who are speaking their native language at home, and who may even have parents who can explain everything in their native language. I give every teacher a copy of this article. I find that I need to read it often myself so I mention it occasionally throughout the year: http://pages.towson.edu/sglennen/Olderchildrenandlanguage.htm

I homeschooled my older children, but have put my adopted children first in the public school (because I thought the ESL was important). Even though we are in a top-notch school district, the ESL was really a joke for them. Now they are in the school associated with our church. The nice thing about that is that they get more individualized attention. Good luck with this difficult decision!

Christie M said...

Thanks so much. That was a good article. I think I will print that one out. :)

Anonymous said...

Christie, as a parent of a PI child, I understood where you were coming from. We're on our 7's...remember?, LOL! With children who have greater emotional needs, times 3, plus the physical needs...I am amazed how well you have done!

The 1st thing that popped into my head was how some families have one or more of their children in different educational settings during the same school year. (Not saying this is a word from the Lord, mind you!) Perhaps your decision doesn't have to be all or none regarding homeschooling or not.

I love the quote that says something like, "Fair is not when everyone has the same; fair is when each person has what 'she' needs."

I am praying for you to have wisdom...and strength.


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