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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Today is Marcus's Birthday!

Happy Birthday our dear Marcus.

25 years..... wow. 25 years ago, I was 24. Marcus was baby boy number 4 and when he was born with ease. That is, minus the part that he wasn't ready to be born.
He had been trying for a couple of months, which caused me to be hospitalized, and it was a huge group effort to keep him in the oven long enough to be able to live.

Finally, his day came and I was allowed to look at him and then they whisked him off to neo natal intensive care. This was our 3rd preemie baby but each one is as different as they are in personality. Marcus almost died. Had it not been for some VERY skilled nurses and doctors, he would not be here today.

The respirator was not getting enough oxygen to him and he was not even attempting to breathe on his own. This greatly concerned the doctors. So they removed the ventilator and hand bagged him for 24 hours straight. That meant a nurse sat with a breathing pump and pressed it over and over in shifts. He finally started to help, and then they were able to hook him back up to a ventilator.

Then, something else happened. I'm not sure, but I think he realized he wanted to live.
He reached up and pulled the ventilator out! ALL the way out! His alarms went off and scared everybody and they had to put it back in. 24 hours later, he reached up and pulled it out again! They reinserted it again, taped it to his face pretty good, and then guess what?
He did it again.... The 3rd time,the doctor said, I don't think he likes that.
Let's try just oxygen, as he was helping himself pretty good by then. He did great.
I was able to nurse him and hold him, and about 2 weeks later, he was home.

Marcus has been a delight in our lives since the day he was born. We are so proud of him. Everything he does, he does with his whole heart.

Favorite memory:
Playing gas station at 4 years old and filling up the neighbors gas tank with a water hose.
(along with neighbor's son)

Winning the Lego contest at Walmart and buying baseball equipment for the Ritchies and the Minichs to have regular baseball games.

Dancing with Joe, (can't remember who's boutineer pin pierced the skin)

Piano practice

Love of dogs, especially Butch...

Boy Scouts



Marriage to Ivy

Will....... :)

Happy Birthday dear son. :)


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Marcus!!!!

Elayne said...

Happy Birthday Marcus!!

Aunt Elayne & Uncle Chris

Elayne said...

Happy Birthday Marcus!!

Aunt Elayne & Uncle Chris

Anonymous said...

I am sure that at the time, "filling the neighbor's gas tank with a water hose" didn't look like something that would make "favorite memory" status some day!

I hope his birthday is a good one!

Christie M said...

Oh Melissa, you have no idea!!!
Wait, I think you do!!! :)

I was HORRIFIED. This poor guy was a pediatrician and left to go to work, only to find our son, and his son playing gas station. :)

I'm so glad it was the guy with 6 kids and not the people with the dog. :/

The other favorite one is when big brother Joe, during prayer before dinner says, "Thank you Lord that Me and Marcus made it up on the school roof and back down safely!"

Everybody's eyes opened and there was silence.... dad finished the prayer, but the looks that darted Joe's way told him.... "YOU SQUEALER!!!!" LOL

That one got settled after dinner.
(they were 8 and 9 at that time)

Ivy said...

yes, you are right... I am sure he was a wonderful son. BUT he is a WONDERFUL husband. And I am soooooo glad that I get to know that part of him. Thanks for making such a fabulous guy.

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