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I believe in the sun even when it's not shining. I believe in love even when I don't feel it. And I believe in God even when He is silent. (quote found on the wall of a concentration camp)

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

When Tragedy Strikes

Today, I was getting ready for our kids to come home, and stopped by a friend's house to get some extra eggs. She told me that a mutual friend of ours, who had moved about 2 hours away a few years ago, had a tragedy happen in her family.

The boy involved, isn't a boy anymore, but the last time I talked to his mom, he was 17. This year, he turned 26.

Unfortunately, he will not turn 27 or 28...., because last week, he was murdered.
He was murdered not far from where we live, leaving a Christian Recording Studio with the owner, who was his friend.
Why? For a cheap car.
He probably would have given the car to the thieves, but they didn't ask. They not only took his life, but the life of his friend, leaving behind a wife and baby.

The sad part is, when I heard about this last week on the news, I didn't even pay attention to the names. I didn't pay attention because in my mind I had a preconceived notion that people out late at night, being shot in the head in an alley are usually up to no good. The preconceived idea that it was probably a drug deal gone bad. The preconceived idea that, "It happens all the time." And then I didn't think that much about it.

How terrible of me to assume. How sad that we have been desensitized to crime to the point that it is a passing moment of shock to hear in the headlines and then we go on, as if nothing happened.

2 people's lives swept away, and we treat it like a giant ant colony that takes out their dead, and goes back into the mound and continues as if nothing happened.

I'm ashamed of that.

Every life is precious. Every person is born with a precious gift, and we each have a story. We each have written upon us years of expereinces and relationships.
One of the memories I have of Stevie, was when our children did 4H club together and they had to come up with a safety project. He demonstrated what to do if you get burned.
He and a friend had a fake stove and then he pretended to get burned, "ow, it is hot".
(in this very monotone voice) we all started laughing because it was so funny).

I'm sad that 2 people snuffed the lives away from precious family members. That Stevies mother is suffering the grief of losing her son. His father has lost his first born child. His brother and sister have lost a precious sibling.

I didn't know Stevie as an adult, and I'm sure he probably wouldn't appreciate me calling him Stevie still, but that is how I remember him; but I do know that in Christ, there is always a plan, even when things don't make any sense. This doesn't make any sense to me.

It also saddens me that 3 people 18 and 19 are sitting in a jail cell charged with Capital Murder, and may face the death penalty. It saddens me that they have thrown their gift of life away.
They have a tapestry woven of their life also. Who is woven into their lives? Do they have mother's and father's who are weeping for them? Do they care what they did?
What causes somebody to become so callous that they would murder for no reason.

If you think about the Swan family this week, please hold them up in your prayers.

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