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Monday, August 11, 2008

How Is Jesus Christ Honored?

Yesterday we were talking to our 4th grade Sunday School class for one of the last times, as they will all be promoted to the 5th grade soon.

The discussion was on "How Is Jesus Christ Honored In Your Life?"

It wasn't what we had planned to teach for the day, but it was important enough to put the planned lesson aside.

You see, during snack time, several of the boys were talking about how "cool" detention was. You get detention and you don't have to do your work, you can take a nap etc.

This class is a challenging class. The children have been "churched", many since their births, and one particular boy is always "bored", "Oh I already know that story".

So yesterday when the conversation came up, I closed the lesson and asked the simple question. "How do you honor Jesus Christ in detention, or when you get a detention?"

There was silence followed by frowns and I don't knows. Mike said, well, one way Christ is honored is "justice is served" when you do something wrong, there are consequences. Christ will be honored one way or another. :)

More frowns and thoughts and I don't knows.

So I posed another question: "How do you stand out for Jesus Christ in your school?
In your home? In your neighborhood? With your friends? In your church? In your clubs?
On your teams? Do you? If not, why not? Do you KNOW Christ or do you just know all about him?
One kid said, you really can't stand out at my school because all the kids are Christians, I go to a Christian school.

We then asked "How can we KNOW CHRIST?"
There were several answers. Believe he died on the Cross for your sins.

What does it mean to "believe"?

That got a little more direct.
One little girl said, "trust". It means to trust. As she went further in her description, I got a strong sense that she knew the Lord. She attends a local public school and is a real sweet child in class.
She stands out from the others, not because she is quiet, but her spirit is obedient.
I have known her since she was a baby, and she is definitely a different child than when she was younger. :)

I guess I wanted to challenge the children that Life in Christ IS LIFE NOW! Life in Christ is exciting. Life in Christ is REAL and as believing Children, IF indeed you know Him, you will honor Him in your life. Both at school and at home. You will put Jesus Christ first in what you do, which will effect others. You will effect them in how you relate on the play ground, how you speak to others, how you help others and how you respect others.

I truly hope the lesson got them to thinking about their own relationship with Jesus and how HE can change their lives. If HE IS WHO HE SAID HE IS, then why wouldn't we want to devote our lives to Him? If HE knows what is absoloutly best for us and only intends both trial and triumph for our good, then why wouldn't we put our trust in Him?

If there is eternal life and eternal damnation, why wouldn't we trust the ONLY one who can give us life eternal?

I hope they ponder these things in their hearts and come to know the ONE who can change them from dead to living.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like God really spoke through you and Mike to those children, Christie. What a culminating lesson, in leaving the children with something to think about! I will be praying for God to continue to speak to the hearts of those children.

There is quite a difference in knowing about someone and having a relationship. Like a lot of adoptive parents, we had a photo, video and information about our son when we went to Russia to adopt him. We were still strangers until we actually met, spent time together, and developed a relationship that continues to deepen over time.

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