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Friday, August 22, 2008

Organic Foods Article

There is an article this a.m. at CNN.Com about a study that concluded that "organic foods are not more nutritional, than non organic."
As if a person would think that if they ate an organic apple it might contain more vitamins than a non organic one?

That has NEVER been the issue for me in buying organic foods. The issue for me is the pesticides and poisoning of the environment. The foods that are raised conventionally contain dangerous pesticides. I remember in the 1980's one of the studies on childhood leukemia linked the disease to polished apples. In organics, you don't polish apples.

HERE: is the kicker of the study:

This study -- published in the latest edition of the Society of Chemical Industry's (SCI) "Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture" -- is the first to assess the nutritional value of organic fruit and vegetables. It should be noted that the study does not make conclusions about the comparative levels of pesticides or chemicals in conventionally and organically grown food or the health effects of consuming such chemicals.

NOTE: The study is done by the "CHEMICAL INDUSTRY". LOL

So, if a person is to skim this article, they might MISS the log floating in the stream of bologana! The chemical industry didn't say anything about how chemicals remain in the food and are harmful to your body. Oops, we were only speaking of the nutritional value of a carrot vs. a carrot. duh......

Not to mention the poisoning of the water, soil, etc.

Organic farming is good for the environment, good for the soil, causing it to help the environment.... (this shows up later in the rebuttal section of th article.

But really, how does anything like this make the news other than for a teaser to make a person mad?
It is also so harmful, because many people will read a headline and then think conventionally grown foods are just as SAFE as organics. That is not the case. Organic food farmers go through rigorous regulation to get excellent, non poisonous foods to our tables and we need to support their efforts.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Another case of someone "missing the point".

Reminds me of the anti-homeschooling argument, "They can learn the same things in school and be socialized, too". Socialized? Isn't that also called peer pressure? (Not to bash traditional schools; they aren't all bad)

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