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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hello Little Girlies

Mommy and Daddy made it safe to Ukraine! It SMELLS like Ukraine. :) It is cool here and beautiful. We miss you and think about you. We are going to leave on the train in a couple of hours. We are looking forward to seeing everybody!

More later


Rebecca said...

woo hoo!! The girls are working on spelling, and I'll let them see and reply to this when they're done. Everything is going well here. hugs!!

Anonymous said...

Are you in your home**?

Anna Noelle minich

Anonymous said...

Dear mom and dad I am glad you made it safe did you read my letter that I
put in your suitcase if you did, did you like it,are you in Ukraine when are going to the train, I miss you I
love you so much. Wright me back mom and dad how is dad I love you.

Erika Noelle Minich

Oakie Grandfather said...


Anonymous said...

Dear mom and dad were are you I have not heard from you wright me back. I love you and miss you.

LOVE Erika Minich

Anonymous said...

Dear Oakie grandfather, At first i thought that you were some one elses grandfather. but then i saw the picture of you on their, And the picture turned out to be are grandfather. LOL!Where you trying to trick us? Well i love you bye.


Anonymous said...

Dear mom, dad how are you doing? Is Dima their to help you? Have you got any thing for us? How many pictures did you guys get? I love you very much.

Your sweat loving daughter.

Anonymous said...

I do not think we have a strict teacher. I think We have A nice Teacher.


Christie M said...

Hello Little Girlies!

We are in an internet cafe'. I'm so sorry we couldn't write yesterday, we had to find a place to make contact.

We had a VERY busy day! We visited Green Forest Orphanage today and Sasha sends his love. He was very happy to see pictures of you and remembered your names. He is 7 now.
This is his last year at Green Forest.

We visited the hostel too. I am happy to say we will be getting a washing machine and a stove for the girls so they can cook and wash their clothing. They have been washing by hand and the weather is very cold.

I will try to write more.

I plan to look at your letters when we get back to our apartment!

We love you so very, very much!

I'm glad Becca and Sam are doing well. :)

Anonymous said...

Mom dad I we went shopping it was fun.
I send my love.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mom and Dad it is okay. Do I no Sasha I do not think I remember him mom and dad. Where is he going after his last year at Green forest.Dad and
Mom what is the hostel.Thank you mom and for getting washing machine and a
stove.I love you to Mom and Dad I miss you to.Ha Mom Dad I got makeup too day and to more bras because all my other ones are in the clothes pile. WE want to lot of stores too day that is were I got
my makeup.Well Mom and Dad I have
go know because we are about to watch a movie in your room.
I miss you very much and I love you to.

LOVE Erika Minich

Anonymous said...

You spelled some stuff wrong Erika.

Steve Eimers said...

Christie can you check on a little boy Vladik at Green Forest orphanage. He was supposed to be adopted by a German couple. I also had a family email me about a boy David at the internat and his sister Marie at the orphanage. If you have a chance to check that out I emailed you details on them. I am definitely going with you next year.

Steve Eimers

Christie M said...

Steve, I just wrote down the info and will Check. It would ba awesome for you to come!

Anonymous said...

Mom are you saying some one is coming here? SARAH

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