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Thursday, September 4, 2008


Most of ya'll know I am not a big shopper. Once a year maybe, for enjoyment to see the crowds at Thanksgiving, and then after that, only what is needed.

Well, I NEEDED to get a few things for Ukraine. So for a couple of days, Sarah the first day, then all of them again, have done a little "shopping".

Sarah LOVES shopping. She longs to walk the corridors of a mall or shopping center.
She gets all dressed up and has a wonderful time.

Anna and Erika are more subtle. They enjoy going, but I think Anna would prefer to stay home and take care of animals and Erika would MUCH rather clean tools for dad.
(but dad is out on business)

So, we all went. It is so funny watching the girls interact in a store vs. the experiences with the boys at the same ages.

The girls get all thrilled when walking past the clothing sections, the bra section,
and toys. The boys, turned their heads at the bra section in horror, they hated clothes, toys were common but much preferred the check out counter where the baseball and playing cards were kept.

They never really pretended to talk with friends that weren't there, bring fake cell phones, speak in british accents or be happy that I was trying on jeans.

The girls do all of that, and insist I show them the jeans I tried on before I take them off.

"Oh motha, you look just lovely!"
Why thank you Sarah. I never felt so lovely in a simple pair of jeans. :)

The guys, if I dared take them with me, when we would pass through a clothing section would get on either side of me and say, "Dad said don't spend any money." They were all in Jr. High and High school at the time and it would crack me up that they would want to protect me from myself. :)

I really didn't need any protecting, but they were so funny to try and help.

My Daughters in Law do enjoy shopping.
I am considering asking them if they would love to take Sarah out for a day of hit the mall all day shopping. She would LOVE it.

Me, I think I'm more like Anna. I'd prefer to stay home and take care of animals.
It's a zoo out there in those shopping centers!


Melissa E. said...

I love to shop--ALONE! Actually, I love to be alone--shopping is just a good place to do it. It sounds like such a worthy reason to leave the kids with Daddy, doesn't it? "Goodbye! I need to go to the grocery store. I'll be back in two hours"

It takes me about 45 minutes to conquer my list; I spend the rest of the time wandering around Wal*Mart. Strangely, I also don't mind shopping with the whole family--including Steve. I am a "window shopper" though, I can look all day but I hate to actually spend money!

Christie M said...

Isn't it funny Michelle... I really love to be alone too. I gain energy that way. For some reason, going to the grocery store, recharges my batteries.
At the same time, I LOVE having a large family.
The grocery store is the perfect place to reflect, work things out in my mind, solve problems without distraction, and have a cup of coffee.
And I understand the window shopping thing totally. That is what I do the day after Thanksgiving. I love being alone and seeing the crowds bustling through the stores, frantically looking for the perfect gift. Somehow, that energizes me. I don't need to spend any money, just watch and observe.

Anonymous said...

i love to shop! I would not mind at all taking sarah shopping! even though I am a bit young to take her by myself! THough I have gone by myself while my mom was getting a haircut before! At the Galleria

Christie M said...

Maybe when Becca comes ya'll MIGHT be able to get together for a cool shopping trip. :) No promises, but it might be fun!

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