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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Can Things Get Any Crazier?? :/

This is the last picture of Sarah in her cast. She had it removed at the Dr. yesterday
and now she has a brace that looks like this:

This morning was rather eventful.....
It started out normal. Girlies playing backgammon with daddy while I made breakfast. Anna was still asleep, which is unusual, as she is usually the first one up! I went ahead and served breakfast thinking, she must need some extra sleep. After breakfast, Erika asked if she could take a shower in our shower. I always let her because she can walk in and back out pretty well by herself. So while she was getting ready to shower, I ran out to let the goats and turkeys out since Anna was still asleep. Sarah was soaking her arm and getting ready for therapy which consists of 2 exercises 3 x's a day.
As I was headed back in from letting the goats out, I could hear a whimper coming from the bathroom. So I RAN.... when I got to the bathroom, daddy had Erika wrapped in a towel and she was crying. She spilled shampoo on the floor of the shower and then slipped in it. She banged the bone of her leg on the shower wall and banged her cheek too. So she has a pretty good bruise on her face and a sore foot.. DANG! Like she needs any more pain in her life. :( I'm so glad daddy was there. I put Arnica ointment on her bruise; we'll see if it works, and comforted her. She hadn't finished washing her hair so a very kind daddy, all ready for work set up a bean bag up to the shower, got IN the shower all dressed, shoes and all and unhooked the sprayer and gave her a shampoo! We teased daddy that he needed a new spa job giving hair washes. :)
Here is Erika all prettied up:

I ran back to Sarah who was still soaking and did her exercises with her and then Anna finally woke up. She said, Erika woke her up when she heard her cry out.

It is 9:30 and I feel like I have lived a week! I'm so thankful for my coffee pot. :)

I am also so thankful for my sweet husband who calmly finished taking care of Erika so I could finish up with Sarah. Erika was able to get herself dressed.

First thing on my list of things to do today:

FIND A SAFE SHOWER CHAIR! The ones I have seen don't look stable and I felt because she doesn't bend well, she might fall over backwards on one, but I really need to look now so this doesn't EVER happen again.

However, as with arthrogryposis, so comes falling. She is very stable and it doesn't happen that often. In fact, the last time she fell and actually got a bruise was at Christmas time last year at Toys R US.

So, as of this writing: Sarah is clean, Anna is cleaning out her fish tank so the fish can be clean, Erika is clean, I'm cleaning laundry, daddy is out to work, the goats are happy, the turkey's are happy and I'm dreaming of "Calgon Take Me Away Commercials." :)
But that can't happen until after the breakfast dishes, the laundry, school, cleaning and....... who knows what else.

So for now, it is coffee.
I'm empowered. yea.

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