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I believe in the sun even when it's not shining. I believe in love even when I don't feel it. And I believe in God even when He is silent. (quote found on the wall of a concentration camp)

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Holiday Season is Upon Us.....

Here it is again. That time of year where you get all the bills for house and school taxes in the mail, house insurance AND you get to start thinking about plans for the Holidays.

Shopping this year was rather easy. I just LOVE computer point and click and your all done shopping. I never had to leave the chair. LOL

So, starting Friday night, our first exciting event will take place. We are going to the Annual Reformation Party! I cannot believe it is the 28th party. We haven't attended 28 years, but we have attended at least 1/2 of those. What a joy to see family and friends and everybody's new grand kids all crammed into the Ritchie home for another year of celebration and reflection and honoring the Reformers.
Martin Luther nailed the 95 thesis on the Door of Wittenburg on October 31. I'm so glad we have an alternative celebration to Halloween. The kids have a great time and love the Pinata with all the candy.

Next will be Thanksgiving. We are staying home this year. The girls aren't in any condition for travel, so Michigan will have to wait again. :( BUT... guess who's coming to dinner? UNCLE BOB! :) We are very happy about that. He is always a treat to have around. Anybody else coming for dinner? Let me know.....We'll kill a Turkey for you.:)

Next will be Christmas. Christmas is one of my favorite Holidays. It is so fun with lights and crowds and visitors and decorations and the smells of holiday cheer. Another time of reflection, another time of cherished memories and to count our blessings. I love seeing all the kids and grandkids, it is so very special. We will be home for Christmas too. We hope to see everybody and I'm not sure yet who is coming or not. But our home is open for one and all. :) No guilt.

After that.... the New Year. CHILI NIGHT and card games and this year, we will introduce the girls to : "The Minister's Cat". A word game that lasts until... MIDNIGHT!
You start with A and say, "The Minister's Cat was an ..... cat."
The adjective has to start with A.
(angelic, awful, alabaster,archaic,arthritic,antagonistic,argumentative,angry,aggravating, When you finish that round you go to B. The more people the better.
The girlies are old enough to play now, so it should be quite entertaining.

I need to start on gluten free recipes. We have our gluten free turkey running around outside. Eat turkey, eat! I have a great recipe for gluten free pancackes with Lingonberries. I have a friend with a great Pumpkin Bread recipe that is gluten free.
I am also planning on a sausage and wild rice stuffing with corn. (should be interesting)
And who could have turkey without cranberry shaped like the can? Not me.
We also plan a gluten free cheese cake. That is an easy one. The crust is going to be made from gluten free shortbread cookies crushed up.

If anybody has a great idea, let me know.

The biggest thing I need to do is CLEAN and BABY PROOF. I'll feel great with the "clean part". Hopefully there will be a paint part in there too, but that is another post. :)

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