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Friday, October 31, 2008

The Miracle of Coffee

Many years ago, when Joe was little, the Doctor suggested I give him some coffee before bedtime to help him sleep. You may be thinking WHAT? Coffee to SLEEP?
Joseph was hyperactive and had a difficult time going to sleep. He also only slept about 5 or 6 hours at night and then it was full tilt all day long! Sometimes I could get a nap out of him, but usually only if he spent a huge amount of energy in a tantrum and then fell asleep.
The coffee worked like a dream. It calmed him down.

Many people do not know that ADHD drugs like Ritalin, are actually forms of stimulants like speed. They have an opposite effect in those that TRULY need them. They calm them down and help them to concentrate.

Fast forward to Sarah. She too is hyperactive, and there are times I give her a little coffee to settle her, which works great.

Well, today, it dawned on me that Anna might benefit from a small amount of coffee too.
It is worth a try. After yesterday's inability to concentrate and get her work done, I needed to try something! She definitely fits into the ADD category, if there ever was one.
I gave her 1/3 c of coffee this a.m. and guess what.... I don't know if it is placebo or not, but she was able to concentrate much better. I am going to try it for a few days next week and if it works, we will try it for 2 weeks. If it works, we will use it during school days and not on weekends. This is soooo much better and easier than using medications that have terrible side effects.

Hopefully she will outgrow her ADD; we will see. I don't think I have ever outgrown mine. :/

Todays coffee was Organic Free Trade Bolivian. Wow... excellent and only 4.99 lb at Sprouts!


Christie M said...

I wanted to add that with our son Joseph, inability to obey was not his problem. He was a great kid. When he was in school he was very hard on himself and he would come home like a tornado. In the houe, outta the house, on the couch, over the couch, under the couch, around and around.... he was obviously all pent up. :) So, the Dr. suggested Ritalin. He posed it as a miracle and never spoke of the side effects.
We tried it. It put him nearly to sleep. Then, after 2 weeks, he developed a tic. I thought it was his eyelashes bothering him because they were so long and would touch his glasses. But it wasn't. I took him back to the Dr. and they offered another med to counter act that one, so instead we immediately got off of the medicine merry go round and never looked back. It took YEARS for that tic to go away. YEARS, and that was only with 3 months on meds. I was really angry that they didn't let us know it was a possibility and presented it as a cureall. That is when I stopped trusting what the Dr. said and did all research before making any decision.
I still feel terrible about giving him that ritalin.

I do realize that coffee is a stimulant, but I do not know anybody who has developed a nervous tic from coffee. Maybe from lack of it! :)

So if it works, and it is a legal food source, we will try it.

Kids get caffeine in all sorts of things, but we don't want to give her cokes. It has all that sugar.

Stephanie @ Ralphcrew said...

Do you sweeten the coffee? Do they like the taste? I have a 9 year old son who needs help with focus and attention. I'd like to try this, but I'm afraid the sugar needed to get him to drink it would cancel the desired effect!

Christie M said...

I didn't sweeten it. We added a little rice milk. It was 1/3 cup. :)

She said she didn't care for it, but she drank it without a problem.

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