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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sleeping All Night Again! No Feet but Still Walking!

I wasn't sure what to title this, so I picked both.

I am pleased to announce that Sarah slept ALL night last night without the need for pain medication! YEA! That means mama got to sleep all night too. :) She is doing great and made a real turnaround in the pain department yesterday afternoon. She still hasn't asked for her pain medication this afternoon, so I think I will switch her from the Lortab to just advil, and then give the Lortab at night tonight, and then maybe wean her off tomorrow altogether.

Erika, who has been running around with no legs, since she rapidly outgrew her other ones, returned from the Dr. today, legless. She is doing well running around without and I am thankful for that. She is very difficult to fit, and they are trying to "think outside the box" to make a new pair of legs that she can function in. So I am praying for them, that a great idea will come up and she will get her legs before Thanksgiving. :)
Now that would be something to be thankful for!

Anna, was not pleased last night when she learned I was not going to take her with me to the Dr. this a.m. She really wanted to go, but that would have been too hard, as Erika has no feet on right now. So, she was a bit pouty when she went to bed, but woke up happy this a.m. and ready to stay home with daddy. :)
And for THAT, I was thankful~!


Anonymous said...

Out of curiosity, what makes her hard to fit?

I am glad she gets along so well without feet but I understand how it would be so much better if she could have some!!

Glad to hear your little patient is improving.

Christie M said...

Hi Melissa,

She has a newer type of amputation called a symes amputation. (picture a lightbulb shape) Instead of cutting the leg off above the ankle, they do it at the ankle and then sew the heel of the foot onto the bottom for future use. SOME, not all, are able to walk on bare stumps, but Erika can. This gives much greater mobility for her when she has her legs off. That means, in the middle of the night, she can get up and get to the bathroom by herself. YEA!

But for her, the problem comes with lack of developed muscles in her legs. She has very skinny legs, larger knees (due to deformity) and the bulbous stump. Trying to fit her into a leg she can get down into, that wont slip on the leg or be too tight to get in is the problem. She outgrew her other legs very quickly and cannot get her foot (stump) down into them anymore, even though they fit around her upper leg.
The new ones they are making are going to have a fluid inside that will give way and then envelope the leg after it is in place, but they are really thinking outside the box for her, and it is taking some time.
That's it in a nutshell. :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you and Sarah are resting peacefully again.

Perhaps the new prosthetics can be named for the young lady for whom they were invented?! May God give those folks supernatural wisdom!

Melissa E. said...

About your comment at our blog..
Misha calls the chest hair "prickly", too. Actually, He whines, "Papaaa! Kaluuuzhkaaaa!" (Very annoying)

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