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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day Comic Relief

Courtesy of the girls at various times this year: I wish I had written everything down. Some of the newest ones (the last 2 months I didn't post here)


Erika was asking about having babies today. I told her when her brothers were born, the doctor held them up and said, "It's a boy!" She said, "how do you know if a baby is a boy or a girl?"
Anna piped up from the other room and said, "girls have hair and boys are bald!"

Sarah was looking on the Calendar and noticed it is "Ash Wednesday". She asked what it was. After the explanation about what Lent is, and people "give up" certain things during this season and focus on Easter.... she said,
"I know, I'll give up school!

Today we were starting Language Arts. We were having our oral lesson and I asked "How do you look up a word in the Dictionary"?
Sarah piped up, "That's easy! You just open it up! It is full of words! :-)

The other day, Gramma sent them each a Valentine's Day Card and it was signed....
"God Loves You",
Love, Gramma and Grampa

(Erika has overheard gramma now and then say, we are all god or I am god)
Erika looked at that and said, "If Gramma thinks she is god, then why didn't she just sign it "I Love You".

My dd just walked in and said, "mama, you know what my life motto is"?
No, what?
She said, "Never take anything for granite because that is what tomb stones
are made of." :-)

Yesterday we went to the hospital for checkups.
Sarah has grown and we had to take her leg down stairs to add some height to her prosthetic leg. She has grown over an inch!
After she put it back on, the dr. asked, "How do you feel?" She said, "I feel like a grown up woman!"

The girlies were watching "The 10 Commandments".
The intermission section showed up and our dd Anna said, "Oh, that is so all the actors and actresses can go to the bathroom!" LOL

Our newest neighbor was born 2 days ago.(a cow)
I took this photo of him yesterday.
The girls PROUDLY said, they could tell he was a boy!
"Because of that THING!

We have been studying ancient Egypt. Today we had a creative writing assignment where the girls had to pretend they at one time lived in ancient Egypt.
Anna's started with:

I helped to bury King Tut... I put him in a Jackyl jar. I put him in a Falcon jar. I put him in a Baboon Jar. etc...........I was laughing so hard I couldn't finish grading her paper.

I threw my back out once again, so I asked the girls if they wanted to play Cinderella. They said yes! So I had them clean the floor with wash cloths and Murphy's OIL soap. It didn't take but 10 minutes.
After they were done, I said, "Thank you so much my sweet princesses!" Sarah piped up and said, "I don't want to be the kind of princess who scrubs floors, I want to be the kind that wears pretty dresses and doesn't do any work!"

Our son and daughter in law stopped by with our one year old grandson. It was time of a diaper change so I asked Ivy if the girls could watch. DS says, "Is this some sort of science lesson?" (he knows me)
Of course it is. So Ivy says, "come on girls, let's change Will's diaper."
She took his diaper off and Sarah said, "Oh MY! I think I'm simply going to faint!

Anna was cleaning out her fish tank today. I overheard her tell her fish rather matter of factly, "If you don't swim into my hand right now, I'm going to have to ground you and take some of your pretty rocks away!"

I asked her, "Are you talking to your fish?"
Yes, mom, the net has a hole in it.

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Melissa E. said...

If I add up all the money you could make submitting these to the Reader's Digest....Ahh...never mind--that kind of adding is too hard!

I laughed right out loud at mostly every one of these! :-)

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