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Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Miracle of Coffee Update

I have been giving Anna coffee in the a.m. before school and a little in the afternoon for a few weeks now. It seems to have be our magic potion of the month! She is concentrating so much better than before and seems to be able to organize her thoughts better.

There are 2 things I definitely noticed. Her comprehension is much better and her ability to go into her chapter and find the answer to a question is much better.


Yesterday in History there were some questions regarding 2 chapters for overview. They had to go back into their book to look up the answer. I was sure I was going to have to work with her one on one, but guess what? She did it all by herself! I'm amazed.

So, my experiment worked, just like it did with Joseph. I will stick with the 1/3 cup in the a.m. and 1/3 cup in the afternoon and none on weekends.


Anonymous said...

PTL! We did this with Daniel as well in K-. (Wish we had stuck with the coffee and not gone the Rx route.) Maybe one day this slow learner will catch up with you.

A bought a book on Amino Acid/ Nutrient Therapy and one on Adrenal Fatigue at the library yesterday for a quarter each. Better late than never, I guess!

JJ (who can't even get her google password to work...ARG!)

mommajeane said...

Funny that you shared this... our son Isaac is on adderall xr in the am.. Last week I did not get it renewed in time for the wknd. and he is absolutely horrible without it. So I too gave him coffee in the am before church and he was fine. He needed some after lunch because the affect is not too long. Unfortunately for him he has to be on meds... and the xr is long lasting which again he needs. Everyone including himself asks if he took his pill today.....however in a pinch the coffee works short term but not quite as good for him. Sat. we did not bother to give him any coffee because we were home all day but he is so impulsive with his ADHD he is difficult if in a group like at church.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christie!
They may need a "smidge" of coffee on the weekends so that they don't get a headache from no coffee on those days. I hope it continues to work for Anna. I have a friend whom I taught with who gave coffee to his middle school aged students with behavioral and learning challenges. The coffee helped them tremendously.

junglemama said...

Hmmm, coffee helps with concentration. What about focus and absentmindedness or fogetfulness?

Christie M said...

I think the focus, absentmindedness and forgetfulness are part of the add equation. I have noticed improvements in all areas for her. For instance we were reminding her to make her bed for EVER.... now, she does it and does a great job without being asked.

She is just a better her. :)

The idea of the adhd meds is that a stimulant will have an opposite reaction in the add or adhd person.
Coffee is a stimulant.
What I like is that there are no side effects, like the nervous tics that can develop with some of the heavier meds.
But as mommajeane says, her son NEEDS the heavier med.

For our dd, I don't think she needed that, but had she been in a regular school situation, I know they would be requesting it.

When our son was in school, his behavior was great but he was very hard on himself. When he came home from school he was a tornado. The doctor recommended meds. (I had long since not given him any coffee for probably 2 years and forgot all about it)
We tried the meds. (ritalin) He became sleepy. So we cut the dosage. Then, a nervous tic started to develop. He couldn't stop blinking his eyes and rolling his eyes. I was very upset as the doc TOLD us there were no side effects. He lied. OUTRIGHT lied.
It was my responsibility however to check this stuff out and I didn't.

So we had him weaned from the medication after 3 months. The tic persisted for years and poor kid tried to control it his best.
The funniest part was that the SCHOOL had a fit that he was being removed from his meds. His teacher said, "What about behavior?"
I was like, "What about it?" It wasn't a problem before, why would it be now.
And it wasn't.

He now takes a very tiny amount of something (not sure what it is) but the doctor said he can't imagine that amount would make any difference at all. It is like 1/8th of a pill and a 1 month rx lasts him 8 months and he is a 200 lb man. LOL

He and I were just talking yesterday about the idea that maybe smaller amounts of these things might work better with no side effects than the larger doses given. But we aren't scientists and don't pretend to be.

But I do think we should know what meds do and we should have the right to alternatives and more natural approaches to meds.

Melissa E. said...

What for? Adhd type things? or is she sleepy, or what? I haven't ever heard of this one but it sounds interesting--and waaaay better than drugs!!

Oh, I just read through the comments. I think this is great! I am glad it works so well. And, you're right--why give drugs with all those nasty side effects if something so simple and natural will work?!

Christie M said...

Hey Melissa,
Somewhere down under, in October, I wrote a blog post called "The Miracle of Coffee". That would probably explain this update in more detail. :)
Anna is not hyperactive like our son Joseph was, but she definitely has signs of ADD. The thing is, even with ADD type symptoms, it could be from other things like FAE (fetal alcohol exposure or drug exposure)too. We DO know she was exposed to both, but don't know if her ADD is caused by that, OR if she is just simply ADD.

What I DO know is that the coffee seems to be doing the trick and she has had remarkable improvement.
It doesn't make her sleepy,nor does it hype her up, so we must be doing the right amount. :)

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