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I believe in the sun even when it's not shining. I believe in love even when I don't feel it. And I believe in God even when He is silent. (quote found on the wall of a concentration camp)

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Friday, November 7, 2008

Post Election Thoughts

Well, we have a new president in the white house! On a positive note, we have our first black president in the white house. I think that is significant. Even Condoleeza Rice was happy about that.
I remember the Watts Riots, I remember my grandmother openly using the N word when I asked "what is that funny smell" in a grocery store in Arkansas, and I was embarrassed beyond belief. I also remember living in Arkansas when our first son was about 2 and going to the grocery store. We were in a poorer part of town and I had more things in my basket than the black woman behind me. I asked her if she wanted to go ahead and it was like one of those E.F. Hutton moments. The entire store got quiet. She paused and then said, "Thankyou". I was a California girl and didn't realize that might be an unusual thing to happen in the Deep South. How sad. I remember seeing the abject poverty in the south and I have seen the ugliness of racism both White towards black AND black towards white.

I was SHOCKED and ASHAMED that Baylor University in Texas is STILL having terrible problems regarding race. They found a NOOSE hanging from a tree and Obama signs being burned.

In my opinion, the campus should be on threat of closing its doors if they don't get a handle on it. And not only that. It is a FELONY to threaten a president. If that was their intention, I'd go for maximum penalty by law. 5 years in Federal Prison.

THAT IS OUTRAGEOUS behavior, especially coming from a "Christian University".

I think my mom put it into perspecitve when she sent an informational Email to the girlies. She listed every president she has lived under including one who was elected on the day of her birth who has gone down as the worst president in history!

Here is her email:

Dear Anna Sarah and Erika
I am probably your oldest relative...so
I want to share this presidential stuff.
Nov 2, l920 the day I was born is the
day Warren Harding was elected
president...it was the first year women
could vote....I have been here for
the following presidents: Hardin,
Coolidge, Hoover, FDRoosevelt,
Truman, Eisenhauer, nixon, Kennedy,
LBJ, Ford, Carter, Clinton Bush sr.
Bush W....and soon to be Pres. Obama.
I left out Regan......some of these men
served two terms (eight years)...
My love to you all Dabba

Isn't that totally cool?

And here we are today, still America, still a country. She has been through the Depression, World War 2, the Korean War, The Vietnam War, lived in Israel during the Gulf War, and now these wars.

I am curious to see what the next decade will bring to America.
As a citizen of this great Country, I am proud that we had an election where the people spoke freely and nobody died in the process. There were no bombings, there was nobody taken out and shot for how they voted, and there was integrity at the polling places.

As a Christian, I know that my citizenship is in heaven and everything happens for a purpose. My EXAMPLE here, and how I behave when I do not get my exact wish is being watched by those who know me.

We are living in a Post Christian Era of our society. I would be very cautious for those wanting separation of Church and State to be eliminated again. Right now, for those who's children attend public schools, the schools are secular. If you are to insist on prayer in school, or religion be taught..... think.... Who's religion? Prayer to whom?
We no longer live in Plymouth.
And frankly, much of Plymouth brings me sadness. Morality without Christ is an innoculation AGAINST the gospel itself. One of the problems I saw in Plymouth and with the Separatists was that they went on to impose and persecute those around them that didn't think the same way. The VERY REASON they left England and Holland! Persecution.

We have great opportunity in this country to live out our faith on a daily basis in every walk of life. We can start by being a good example and praying for those who now lead us. I am guilty of not being respectful of my leaders and not praying for them in sincerity. I would like to apologize for that bad example. Times are serious and it is time to pray seriously.

I feel sorry for any president taking over the mess we have gotten ourselves into now.
We have wars, economic woes, medical woes, job woes, and a host of other issues.
I wouldn't want to be the new president and I even know that Africa is a continent! :)

For those who are worried. Put your trust and faith in the only one who can make a true difference in your life.

For those who are happy. Congratulations, the people of our country have spoken loud and clear and been heard.

And for those like me who love our country but also love other places in the world and the people there too, I pray that ALL will be safe and secure and able to freely Worship our Lord.
One thing that has happened to me since we have gone overseas a couple of times is the set in realization that we as Americans do not have a corner on Christianity. It is alive and healthy in other parts of the world. Jesus was not born in Plymouth, He is not an American. He is the same Lord to the person sitting in a tent in Darfur fearing for their life as he is to the person sitting in their home, like me now, typing on a computer. He was there with Erika while she rocked in a bed and he was with our friend who was laying in a bed in Baghdad suffering from gangrene of the appendix. He was with Sarah when she was afraid and he was with Anna when she was plucked from a suspected meth lab. And he is with you now.

He works in ways that I do not understand and do not claim to, but I am comforted that HE IS TRULY at work in this world.

So let's work together and bring about positive change in our world and continue to live our lives for HIM.


Rebecca said...

Wonderful post! Thanks for the encouragement and perspective. =)

Anonymous said...

Hey Christie,
I am one of your MANY FANS from FRUA (newadoptmom2b)...I just wanted to tell you that I hope and pray that you change your (wonderful, strong, honest spiritual) mind and come back---quite frankly I know that your insight and honest voice will be GREATLY miss.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Christie M said...

The last comment was deleted per request of the person who posted it.
But it was a very meaningful and kind comment.
Thank you. :)

Anonymous said...

The tone on FRUA has changed recently. There is one person in particular who takes offense at everything and makes an argument. I had an incident recently and its making me think like you that too much time is being spent worrying about who I've offended.

When I felt I was able to support, it was worth the time.

Patty said...

I just landed at your site due to an oboe comment in your latest post. Hope you don't mind this random comment!

I really appreciated this post.

The Sunday after the election the pastor talked about God's sovereignty. I know many there had been dismayed over the election. (I wasn't one, but that's beside the point.) What disturbed me a bit was that so many were suddenly fearful at this church that believes very firmly that God is in charge really fell apart.

We are, indeed, very human, very frail, and easily forgetful.

I am currently in a bit of a medical "not knowing" place, but I do not doubt that my God is in control. I hope I can hang on to that if I do end up with the issue that is currently lurking.

Thanks for your lovely blog. :-)

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