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Monday, December 15, 2008

A Good Memory Maker

There are those times when you sit back and say, "Wow, I am seeing something really special." Saturday was one of those days.

We have a ritual on Friday Nights, after pizza night where everybody piles into our room and watches a movie to go to sleep to. The girlies get piles of blankets and sleeping bags and watch a movie in the dark, while Mommy and Daddy rest comfortably on our bed. When the guys were little, we all camped out in the living room, but geriatric mommy's back can't take that kind of camping out anymore. :)
(SO I get to carry on the tradition, but I get to have my bed!)

The girlies watched "The Secret of Roan Inish" It is a folk tale, and kind of a strange little movie, but it is also fun.

Well, in the morning, the girls wanted to play "Roan Inish". "How will you do that?"
We're going to fix up the attic for you and daddy and surprise you!

In the movie, a little boy and girl go to an island and fix up an old cottage and surprise their grand parents.

They insisted they could do it, and it would be FUN! So Anna and Sarah went into the attic, which will someday be a large play room or library or sewing room or kid room, or something...... ??

And they began to clean. Things were going well, but they realized Erika was left out. She couldn't get up there. Anna came down and handed her a walkie talkie, and asked to borrow the camera.
I asked, "why do you need the camera?" Her answer was, "we need to take pictures so Erika can see what we are doing." Erika was given the Walkie Talkie so they could talk to her and let her know to be at the bottom of the stairs so they could throw something down for her to throw away.
It was a very creative and fun filled afternoon.

Sarah also got reaquainted with her old doll house. It was in the attic to keep it from getting destroyed. She wasn't very gentle at 5. :)

I just thought it was so thoughtful of them to come up with a way where everybody could be included, but not miss doing something because Erika couldn't go upstairs.

I love these moments.


Amy...who wanted 4. said...

Hi again!
Love the story! Kids are so creative when the tv goes off! :)
You are welcome to put my blog on your blog if I can do the same!!
is it cold enough for you here in Texas today? (I do NOT like the cold)
Take care,

Christie M said...

I added you! You can do the same. Your family is lovely. :)

Oakie Grandfather said...

Can those girls come to Oklahoma and clean out my attic? If i remember right Ihave some bar stools up there they can have.

Christie M said...

They would love to! :)

Have a great time in Arizona!

Anonymous said...

Cleaning the attic sounds like fun! At least with the girlies. But not my attic, i think there are birds or squirrels or something up there:?/

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