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I believe in the sun even when it's not shining. I believe in love even when I don't feel it. And I believe in God even when He is silent. (quote found on the wall of a concentration camp)

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Just Keep Christ Out Of It!

These were the words I heard as I spoke to somebody about the condition of man.
Over the years there have been many conversations, and while I truly care and want to be kind and understanding, at what point, when I hear heresy do I just keep my big mouth shut? Or, is it wrong to be quiet when somebody states things contrary to scripture as fact, to sit idly as they condemn themselves?

I'm not talking about theological twaddles regarding things in scripture that do not effect man's salvation; such as, "Are the gifts for today" or "should a woman cover her head in public worship"or "is the lord coming back in a Pre Tribulational Rapture, Mid tribulational rapture, Pre-Wrath Tribulational Rapture, or Post Tribulational Rapture. I'm not talking about if you are Pre melenial, Post melenial or Ah Melenial.... Those things ARE important,but they are not salvation issus. (please excuse the spelling)

However, when you get down to the basic Gospel, who Christ said He was, the salvation message, and the eternal state of man; THOSE discussions DO have eternal salvific importance and there isn't room to be wrong. Scripture is CLEAR on these issues, I believe scripture was given to us by God. It is God Breathed.

This person has swallowed a lie instead of truth. They think that there is no judgement, even though the scripture clearly teaches judgment. They think that there is no atonement, and that Christ never said he was God. They now believe when we die, we just go to God, and that is it. We'll be some kind of star or something. They think there is no hell, no condemnation, nothing. How do you get that from the Truth of Scripture? And, what is their version of God? It isn't the God of the Bible.
We CANNOT make up "god in our image" how we like him, and say we are worshiping God.
That is nothing short of idol worship of the worst kind.

I remember talking to my Chiropractor a couple of years ago. He was talking about all his Spiritual Religious Experiences and how he thought his house was haunted with spirits with unfinished business, etc. He said he was finding spiritual power in all kinds of religions,(other than Christ, of course) I listened quietly for quite a while, and then told him that even the scripture talks about how man will try to reach God a different way John 10:1. But Christ called him a thief and a liar, and then I told him; "you can climb up all kinds of spiritual ladders, and on the way up, you may find some interesting things, but the truth is, when you get to the top of your ladder, there will be no open door, you will hit a wall in search for God. Jesus Christ said, "HE was the Door". So, your climbing is in vein. He was rather dumbfounded with my answer, but remained quiet. I hope that those words pierced his heart in some way, with a sliver of truth.

Well, back to my conversation:

When we were talking, I said Christ Always Eternally existed. He is part of the Godhead, he is the CREATOR of ALL THINGS.... He is the Word, Before Abraham was born he said, "I AM". (they wanted to stone him because he claimed diety) John 1:1-3

I was told, we are all God. Ummm. No we aren't. We are created beings. Jesus Christ IS the creator, come down as a man.
And the conversation went on, and then I ended it, when the words were spoken, "Let's keep Christ Out of it!"

HUH!???? How do you keep Christ, out of the Creation? How do you Separate Him, from Himself?

I find it so very interesting that those who live in darkness continue to want to keep Christ out of it. They want Him out of the creation, they want him out of Christmas, to the point that people sign "Merry X-Mas" instead of "Merry Christmas". Oh they love to celebrate Christmas and the little baby being born... they just don't like the grown up Jesus. The one who brought judgment just by the fact that he was born. John 3:19.
They want him OUT of the Church, and His teachings to be powerless. They have taken His words and watered them to the point that they are no longer His.

Without Christ, without HIS atoning power,without his absolute WORD, where would we be? We would continue to wallow and wander in darkness. We do not have to walk in Darkness because Proverbs says HIS WORD IS A LAMP UNTO OUR FEET AND A LIGHT UNTO OUR PATH.

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