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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Passing Notes During Class

Hmmmm. If you are home schooled, and there are only 3 students in your entire school, should you get in trouble for passing notes in class? :)

When I got out the camera, Sarah said, "Oh no! She's going to BLOG about it!" Aha! My new weapon. :) If you do something against the school rules, it might be Blogged About! LOL

It is hard concentrating with that big illuminating TREE 2 feet from your desk, screaming "Christmas is Coming, Christmas is coming!" But they are doing pretty well.

Erika's funny for the day:

She is working on math... The question is: How many 5 cent stamps can you buy if you have 18cents, and how much money will be left over?

Her answer?

NONE.. Stamps cost 41 cents.


I just love kids. :)


Anonymous said...

Tell little Miss E she made the lady in Kansas laugh right out loud!

I've gotta share that one! :o)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...you DID say that you wanted to encourage the girls to write more! ;+))

You could try the old "read the note to the ENTIRE class routine. LOL!

Christie M said...

Or... I could make them correct spelling and punctuation. :)

Lorraine Fuller said...

Paulina will start homeschool in January, but she won't have anyone to pass notes to. I will have to tell her to e-mail her notes to your girls!

Lorraine Fuller said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Christie M said...

Hey Lorraine! How are you! :)
I removed the other post because it was the same one. I have this screening thing on now, so the post doesn't post right away.

Email me! :)
And tell Paulina the girlies have a blog.

:)De said...

Passing notes in class. LOL! Don't 'cha love it.

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