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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Have Legs Will Travel!

Here is a picture of Erika and I putting on legs before church. She is really TALL with her legs on. It was a joy to see her go outside and play after church today, and to walk in the building and get to Sunday School by herself! YEA!


Melissa E. said...

Look at her--almost as tall as mommy! And such a beautiful girl! Did she put the butterflies on her legs or do they come embellished like that?

Amy...who wanted 4. said...

I am so happy for her!

Christie M said...

At the hospital they have a huge bin of material. The kids pick from the material and they laminate it onto the leg when they finish it.

Sarah's new leg has Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. :)

Love your new picture!

Anonymous said...

Erika would be the perfect spokesperson for an "eat your organic veggies" campaign.

SO...does miracle grow count as organic, cause her growth is on the level of miraculous, IMO!

Oakie Grandfather said...

Christi: Either you are shrinking or your girls are growing pretty tall.

Anonymous said...



Christie M said...

They measured her body length and try to make her leg proportionate to her body. With her ankles gone, to add ankles and feet it adds about 4 to 5 inches to her height. She is just a little taller than Anna. (which makes her quite proud since she is the oldest afterall)
Somebody at church saw her and said, "Has she grown since last week?" LOL

She is DEFINITELY grown since she came. She has gained 35 lbs in less than 3 years and she's still skinny. :)

Lorraine Fuller said...

She is looking great! Paulina had the surgery to remove pieces of bone growing funny last year. There was no cast, but I think it was a tougher recovery for her than previous surgeries, she had muscle spasms that were hard on her. Paulina and I always go to Wal-mart and find material for her legs, then they keep the left overs, the princess stuff might even be one of her left overs. She had sleeping beauty and Belle a few years ago. (she was small enough they could only fit one princess on each leg) it had a purple background and those were my favorites of all her legs so far. A friend made her a dress, hat and purse out the same material and bloomers for under the dress. I loved that outfit.

junglemama said...

She looks so happy! The two of you look great together!

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