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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Inaugaration Through The Eyes of Little Girls

These are the notes the girls took during the Inauguration:


I heard songs and music and preaching and yelling. I saw thousands of people. I saw Barack Obama and his wife and Bush and his wife. I thought it was good, I though it was going to be fast. I heard that a woman got hit by a train.
I saw prsident Obama coming in. I saw people wearing hats and I saw Mrs. Obama give a present to Mrs. Bush.
I saw Obama give a speech and people watching from his school. I saw a woman making popcorn.(that was mom) :)
I heard Obama say that "my fellow president, I stand before you. I thank President Bush. So it is understood, I will prosper the nation, to day I say to you this day we come to proclaim. We understand we have been given for us, they fall and die. They work for us to be free. Every where we look there is work to be done.


Well, we just heard a 60 year old woman got hit by a train. Miss Obama gave Miss Bush a box. In the box was a journal and a pen to write her experience in the White House. Mr. Obama just got out of a big car. It is cold, but most people don't care how cold it is. The Obama's car is 6 feet tall! This is the 2nd youngest president in History. Well this is a change~! Mr. Bush is moving to Texas!

I saw millions of people all waiting for Mr. Obama. Some people have been there for a whole day! I also saw African people. They wore funny looking clothes.I heard a man say, "Hear Oh Israel the Lord our God, The Lord is One". I do not get it. We are not Israelites!

I saw Mr. Obama get sworn in. And they had a parade with Brithsh soldiers. "The Red Coats". Did you know that men have guns in their shirts?

Obama said that we are free and some celebrate, some work their hands raw. All this we can do and we will.

I saw thousands of people waiting, cheering, singing and talking to each other. I saw lots of police cars and soldiers. I even saw the children of Barack Obama. I saw people reporting things. I heard Obama make his speech, a lady sing, a man pray and another girl talk. I heard people singing and cheering.
I was thinking, "Wow! What a lot of people!"I was thinking I would like to live in the White House. I was thinking, a soldier could kill the president but I don't think they would. I was thinking, "Why would they go to church on Tuesday?"
I was thinking "What is Obama going to do first?" Mom says she doesn't think it will be good.
I heard that a woman got struck by a train. I saw the president and his wife get in a car. Mom told me the soldiers have weapons.
I was thinking, "I can't believe all those people waited since yesterday!"I couldn't believe people came from all over the world. I can't believe how many people came out of one door!

Barack Obama said we are equal and we are free. The still waters of peace. Our nation is at war. The time has come to re establish child hood. This is the journey we look for now. We will build the road and electricity. We are ready to lead once more. :)


Emily Minich said...

Wow! What a great idea to have the girls take notes! I love what they said. Our child's teacher gave him and the other students a chance to skip out on watching the Inauguration, so he chose to go the library intead, the little booger. At least I taped it ALL so he can watch it here at home ;))))))).

Muddled Muse said...

LOL I'm amazed at their notes of Obama's speech...during the election race, that's really how most of his speeches sounded to me.

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