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Friday, January 30, 2009

An Update On Erika

We serve a merciful and loving God. He must have known that we needed a rest. :)
Erika's legs have started to fit better and better over the week, and she has fit down into them with a size 2 sock now! (YEA)

For those who don't know what that means. Prosthetic socks come in many sizes of thickenss. 5's, 3's, 2's, 1's. Her last legs, she wore a 5, 3 and 2 1's, and then as she grew we removed thickensses until she could not fit.

But she was growing so fast with this set, while they were making them, that when fitting day came, they were almost too small. We wrapped her legs, and put her in them, with a 1. She barely fit. Then..... a couple of days later bruises showed up.
She wasn't in pain, but we were concerned.
We thought we were going to have to scrap the legs and start over, and this time with surgery so she could get a better fit.

BUT.... over the week, the bruises actually disappeared and she was able to get into her legs with a size 2! I can't tell you how excited we are.

So the plan is, to let her wear these as long as possible, and when the time comees that she is out grown them, hopefully later than sooner, we will then discuss surgery to reshape her symes area.

Our goal is still for her to be able to get legs she can take on and off by herself.
These she can't. So the rest of us gladly chip in and help her.

We are also going to ask that her next legs be a little shorter. I am worried about how tall she is. When she falls it is scary. Her prosthetist said she can be made a little shorter with a different foot. (she isn't thrilled but Anna is) LOL
And I am too. It will hold off a few more gray hairs. (for a while)

What a joy and RELIEF!!!!!!!


Diana said...

Yeah! I love it when prayers are answered so directly!

Anonymous said...

YEAH! So glad the legs are working out. What a blessing!!!!

junglemama said...

Intersting about shortening the legs. Glad everything is working out for her.

mommajeane said...

Praise God, very glad to hear the new ones are working... I pray you all have a peacefilled weekend... and Erika can walk wherever her heart desires...

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