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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What Is It About Schedules?

After vacation time and the Chaos that Christmas brings, we were very happy to get settled back into a real scheduled day. For whatever reason, it seems when something is WRITTEN DOWN and on the WALL, the kids just seem to thrive. They LOVE seeing Lists of things to do and they love following time charts.

I am abit free spirited myself, but have come to appreciate the SCHEDULE. It is true that I get more done when I write it down and try to stick to it. Of course we are not perfect at it, and of course there are exceptions to the rule, such as Doctor appts., illness, field trips etc. But overall, schedules cause us to thrive with happy hearts.

The girlies and I sat down a couple of days ago to discuss family responsibilities, school work, fun time etc. This is what we all came up with together. I have to say, it works like a charm.
We made a school schedule, then a fun time schedule (not all done every day) and a Chore schedule (not all done everyday) The goal is to get them to be prepared if they see something out of place, to just take care of it without being asked. Also, to time THEMSELVES on things like computer time. So far, the minute timer has been in use for things like blogging and webkins.

Anna prefers to do outside type chores and Erika prefers inside. Sarah likes both, so we tried to make things to their liking. It cracked me up watching them pick things they actually enjoy doing, and then divvy up the rest between them.

In the afternoons, I want them to enjoy trying new things AND do old things, so we even put a time schedule on that ...... What resulted? Each of them had computer time, each tried playing a musical instrument, 2 spent time playing with animals and trying to be "goat whisperers", and there was time spent having fun.

When it came time for dinner, Erika very excitedly started to help. She chopped walnuts and an onion for me, and has claimed the kitchen just like a grown up girl~!
If I'm not careful, she will be kicking me out of my domain soon... LOL

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