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Monday, February 2, 2009

Adopting Older Children


If you are thinking about adopting an older child from Eastern Europe, PLEASE watch this. It might bring some understanding and compassion to how you view your new child and help you to understand the depths from whence they came.

If you click on the title to this post, it will take you directly to the 34 minute documentary.

This is NOT to scare ANYBODY away from older child adoption, but it IS to make you aware and secure your compassion for these very special children.

STRONG WARNING: This is not for children to view. There is language (subtitles) drugs, violence and sadness. IT IS A MUST SEE though. Many of our children who were neglected before going into the orphanage had similar experiences to these children. Many children escape orphanages to live on the streets. Some go back and forth. Many long for a family to love them, but if the chance comes for them to be adopted, which is nearly like winning the lottery for them, they do not do well BECAUSE the adoptive parents are not prepared for how to parent these special kids. They cannot just become
the son or daughter you want them to be. They are rough around the edges and do not even come close to understanding the concept of family, of love, of loyalty etc.

THEY CAN SUCCEED and YOU CAN SUCCEED as parents to bring together a successful outcome, but you must know what you are dealing with. Even if your child has not experienced life to this extreme, believe me, they have been neglected at best.
All those babies don't rock back and forth in cribs because they are being so well taken care of. If they came from an orphange, just because it looked like a great place, don't be fooled. Orphanages are not great places. There are those that truly care for the kids, but they CANNOT give what the children need. They need a mom and dad and family to love and support them unconditionally.


Amy...who wanted 4. said...

I will definitely watch this.

Lorraine Fuller said...

It's too big for my computer to download (satalite) but will watch it next time I am where I have a better connection.

Tony and Dawn said...

I watched this (all four parts)early last year. Broke my heart. Particularly the part where a young girl had her "papers" stolen and could not return home. We take too much for granted. George Steiner, formerly of Children's Hopechest has started a new organization to help orphans in Russia. If you are interested, drop me a note.

Tony B

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