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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cheating With Dyslexia

Hmmm. How do I explain this to a non dyslexic person....

Anna has been struggling with math for a while. She is doing really well, but sometimes gets overwhelmed. I noticed that today she was on the same lesson that she was on on Friday before we left for camp. (lesson 40) I didn't check yesterday due to a broken foot and so today was getting caught up with grading papers.

So I asked her for her math paper so I could check it. It should have said, lesson 40, but it said lesson 38 and the date had been changed to Today's date!

So I ask, "Ummm, how come you redid your lesson from last week with today's date?"
Her answer:" I couldn't find my paper from today so I took a lesson from last week and put todays date on it."

But why?
So you would know I did math today even though I can't find it.


Now I'm confused. Non the less, it was cheating.

So, she is having "In School Suspension", which means that she is organizing her notebook so that I can check it with all the papers in the right place (hopefully)
AND she will finish her lesson for today. AND... we will have an honesty talk to finish off our day before family prayer. :)


:)De said...

You use "In School Suspension", I tell them they have to "go home from school" which hurts their little feelings so. LOL! Happy grading.


Christie M said...


It came off the top of my head. I had just finished talking to my daughter in law who's foster son was in ISS for skipping class.

I figured it was appropriate since she didn't get to go out for afternoon recess.

My heart is happy though that she was repentant and was very willing to do her math lesson.

I can't believe she picked an older lesson and put a new date on it....
Like, I wasn't going to notice. LOL

Kylie said...

i had an email from you today and i opened it but it was blank. what was it suppossed to be?

Christie M said...

I sent you two pictures of Zach.

Kylie said...

awww i wonder why it was blank =[ i wanna see them!

Anonymous said...

Hmm...Let's just leave it at...my 9th grade Bible teacher was REALLY boring and demanded a ton of nightly written work. Can you imagine somebody making the book of Acts boring??? I wonder if that wasn't ALSO a sin, lol! %-0

Her most exciting point was noting that resuming the reference of "we" indicated Luke had rejoined Paul. Besides that moment, there was only her daily inevitable attempt at suppressing an after lunch burp that kept us awake.

(This post is SO gonna be deleted if Christie remembers after hobbling to the bathroom.) OK, I better go. 'Nough said.

Christie M said...

But JJ, don't you know that people with broken feet don't go to the bathroom? :P

Anonymous said...

VERRRY Interesting! But...do you burp daily after lunch?! Never mind...TMI.

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