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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Eye Hand Coordination

Many children struggle with Eye Hand Coordination for various reasons. Some of those reasons are because of immaturity, but sometimes it can be because of neurological or inflicted problems.

Anna has had many issues with eye hand coordination. But today, I was so very proud of her. What she would have NEVER attempted to do last year, she did on her own during her morning break this year! YEA ANNA!

She designed and cut out a dress for her paper doll. That may not seem like much to some, as she is 10. But to me, and for Anna, it is nothing short of a miracle. She was so proud of herself. I am proud of her too. GREAT JOB ANNA!


Debora Hoffmann said...

The dress you made for your paper doll is darling, Anna. Way to go!

Diana said...

YEAH, Anna!!! My kiddos also really struggle with hand-eye coordination, so I know very well what a miracle your cute dress is!

:)De said...

I always heard so many "He won't ever..." for 2 of my boys, so when they make small steps towards those goals we all out celebrate!

Way to go, Anna!


Christie M said...

I remember those "He won't ever's"
One of them was with our son with CP.
"He won't ever learn to read, write or do math". Guess What?>>>
He is a College Graduate from UTD.
He just took a test for his special ed certification.
He is a teacher in a PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL!

Christie M said...

Thanks for encouraging my Anna.
I'm going to have her read these tomorrow. :)

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

Wonderful! She did a great job, too.

Lorraine Fuller said...

That is awesome Anna, you will have to show Paulina next time we see each other. When Paulina was little we were told she would not be able to use the fingers on her left hand independantly, however, she had those little Polly Pocket dolls that I did not have the patience to help her dress and underss a hundred times a day, so she figured it out. Her PT called it Polly Pocket therapy, since she can use her hand very well now because of working so hard to do that with those silly little dolls and their little tiny clothes!

junglemama said...

How cute! Good job!

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