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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Fallout of Sin

My mind has been full of thoughts about the issue of sin and the fallout of sin in our lives, and how it affects those around us either directly or indirectly.

Let me start with, WE ALL SIN, we are all sinners, with a fallen nature, it shouldn't surprise us that we sin or other's sin. It is what comes "natural" to us. When Christ reaches in and changes us, that does not mean we will never sin again. It does mean we will care deeply about our plight and turn to Him for help, both in turning from our sin and growing in our spiritual walk so we are not bound by sin. For the first time, we are actually FREE, to NOT sin!

I talked with an old friend that I had not heard from in many years. This person was disgraced by what happened in their life, and their actions affected many, many people around them. The actions of this person were not so horrific that they had to go to jail, but they did leave our area and eventually lost contact. So I was pretty surprised to get a call yesterday.

What broke my heart was the depth of personal prison this person was in because of sin.
They confess they know Christ, yet the bondage of guilt is upon them, as they know the delicate position they were in caused much pain for those in their charge.
This is one of the huge problems, in my humble opinion, of putting people in places of leadership when they are in no way ready to be a leader either by maturity or relationship. A few places scripture gives guidelines for leaders is in Titus and 1 Timothy.
I personally think it is irresponsible of leaders to place people in places of authority or teaching when they are not ready. THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO DO WITH AGE.
This has everything to do with spiritual maturity.

The "Win-em, wet-em, work-em" menality is damaging.

It was especially damaging for this person, and it personally affected our own family and many others. While we worked our way through much discouragement and pain, one of our sons did not, and continues to have trust problems with the established church.
This very incident was one reason that we shyd away from the influence of organized "youth groups", minus parents involvement.

I thought we would never have to deal with this issue again, in relation to the church, because all our boys grew up. But guess what? Not so. We have 3 little girls getting ever so closer to that delicate "youth group" age, and guess who is now having memories that cause me to sweat drops of nervousness and pain? Yep, your's truly....

I am typing this and my own son works with youth in another state! LOL

I will have to think long and hard about the delicate issue of youth group for our girls. I saw how the actions of a few wayward leaders nearly totally destroyed our son, and he came from a stable home. I can't imagine how those same actions would have effected our girls, coming from a much less stable background.

We have many things to think about with regards to our girls and youth group situations. It is NOT a command of scripture that says, "Thou Shalt Go To Youth Group", but there are those who get their tail feathers all tangled when you politely decline. They take it personally. It is NOT personal, it is prayerful direction.

So, while we have long forgiven and moved on in our lives; our son struggles with pain from what happened long ago. The person involved struggles with the pain they caused indirectly by their own personal actions and is still struggling spiritually. I can picture Christ with His arms opened wide, wanting them to come to Him, because HE ULTIMATELY is the only one who can heal the situation AND HE is the only one we can TRULY put our trust in. That is after all why He came; to heal, to renew, to restore.

We need not look at man. We MUST keep our eyes on Christ, the AUTHOR and PERFECTER of our faith. So, if you have read all of this and think about those who struggle with past sin, or even present sin, remember to hold them up in prayer.

There is much Fallout from Sin.


Tony and Dawn said...

We struggle with the "Youth Group" issue as well. My 18 YO son goes to Youth Sunday School and Wednesday Night Youth Group. My 15 YO daughter dropped out of both. She will not say much about it. She does go to Sunday morning and evening church services. We have tried to recommend a family Sunday school class so the family can truly worship together without conflicting messages. Hang in there -

Anonymous said...

The "youth group" of the modern church is replacing the father's role in discipling his children! I bet you would like Voddie Baucham's books. Check out Family Driven Faith. He's an adoptive father, homeschooling dad/husband and awesome minister. My husband and I have five children, some through foster care adoption, one through adoption disruption, and some the old fashioned way. Family unity in church has been a wonderful blessing to us.

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