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Monday, February 23, 2009

Family Camp at Peaceable Kingdom

Did Somebody say CAMP????

We went to Family Camp at Peaceable Kingdom Retreat Center for children, sponsored by Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. We had a great time.(except for my minor mishap)
The kids settled in

and then it was off to the lodge for some game time with old friends.

There were numerous events including the Pirate ship, spider web, movie time, golfing, and the Chili Cook off!

Here are the "Chili Girls" doing their chant and watching the judges taste their creation.

Robert thought it was abit hot! LOL

We had a really fun time. All the kids played hide and seek after dinner, and we had the joy once more of watching Jarroth Play the Piano.


Kylie said...

i missed camp so much! how is everyone doing? who all was there?

Christie M said...

It was really fun. Robert and Dwayne came from Prosthetics. Wanda is now running camp and she did a fabulous job. The nurse was Felicia, and Brenda came from Therapy.
The usual kids came, except for the boy that was there last summer with his friend. (Bryan?) You weren't there.:( Ryan wasn't there. But I think everybody else was there that was at camp last year.

Yuri's mom brought his new little sister from China, along with his little brother also from China and his older sister. It was fun watching the two little ones play. She has only been here since Christmas Eve.

The Chili cookoff was really fun. I think the kids really enjoyed it.

So what greatly important thing did you do this weekend? :)

Kylie said...

I had an FBLA confrence Saturday. I didnt even know fmaily camp was this past weekend =[ Was zach there?

Christie M said...

yes, along with his dad, mom and baby brother.

Kylie said...

awww im so sad i didnt get to go =[
john paul is adorable. and i miss everyone so much. im about to cry. goodness crhistie, im blaming you ma'am

Christie M said...

Oh Kylie,
Whatever are mother's for but to make girls cry? :P

junglemama said...

Amazing and so inspirational. DO you have to have missing limbs in order to go? I can see my girls having a fun time with your girls at camp!

Christie M said...

Christine, this particular camp is for kids with more than 1 missing limb. Erika and I go in the summer, and then they have Family camp in the Winter for the entire family to get to go together. Peaceable Kingdom Retreat Center also has camps during the summer for the deaf, for those with blindness, arthrogryposis, diabetes, heart problems, siblings of cancer patients, and more. Your girls would probably love to volunteer at some time when they are a little older. The volunteers really make the camp work well and they are fantastic young people.

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