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Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Waltons Good or Not?

I purchased the Walton's Series on DVD for the girls. It was a great buy for just $10.88 at Sams.

I remember watching the Walton's as a girl and loved that show. I liked John Boy and Mary Ellen and all the stories. What I wasn't quite prepared for was what the girls picked up. You think they would be "Mary Ellen, Erin and Elizabeth" in their play, but NO!

They have been playing Miss Mamie and Miss Emily!. I caught them playing Miss Mamie and Miss Emily and during their tea party today they were serving "The Recipe!"

For those who aren't familiar with the Waltons. Miss Maimie and Miss Emily are old spinsters who protect their fathers old still. They are boot legg-whiskey makers.
The recipe is Whiskey! LOL

(Now the girls don't know that , but there is something disturbing about that)
At least they are learning to call each other "dear sister". LOL

They were all singing while doing the dishes and Anna had made up a song that went something like, "If you feeling good or your feeling weak, just mix up some Recipe!"



mommajeane said...

We love the Waltons and I did when I was growing up too. We also love the Little House on the Prairie series and bought them from Sams too.

Diana said...

Count me in as another Walton's fan. Oh gosh, don't tell them, but this really is pretty funny! I'm sure you've had to hold back a few giggles yourself! :-)

But, yes, I agree, it's also disturbing at the same time and I'd put a stop to it at my house as well. I think I'd probalby start by lightly ask your girlies if they know what "the recipe" really is. If they're anything like my kiddos, they will be abhored that they're laughing about alcohol and it will immediately cease to be amusing. But, if they want to pretend "the recipe" is a fancy mixture of kool-aid after that, let 'em keep calling each other "dear sister."

We don't drink at all, so there's never any alcohol in our home, but whenever they see it anywhere else, including the grocery store shelves, they freak out and make a big scene. Yah, I get some pretty weird looks from people who are seriously browsing the stuff like "Geesh, lady - control your kid and teach him some manners." I never do. I just let him go on and express himself and shoot them back a look that says "Hmmm...Perhaps you should listen to what he's saying. He'll tell you in graphic detail how hurtful that stuff really is to kids!"

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I was going to say, "Mmmm can I have some?", but NEVERMIND!

Watch out for Andy Griffith, too, lol, because there are a couple of sisters who make a brew on there, as well. Personally, we enjoy those episodes at our house. DS knows cough syrup and NyQuil taste like alcohol, which should keep him from ever wanting the real stuff! Bleh!!!

Christie M said...

I have no plans to spoil their fun. :)
I actually never understood that the recipe was alcohol even when I was a teenager. (talk about naive) LOL

Oh my, they were serving recipe to each other and saying "would you like some more dear sister? It's Papa's secret recipe!" LOL

They'll move on to something else soon. :)

Christie M said...

JJ, You are too funny. :)

Melissa E. said...

Haha! The recipe...It's been a long time but I remember that and the mysterious secret stash!

Tony and Dawn said...

We do not drink either. In fact, when I was down with kidney stones, the urologist recommended I drink a beer each day to help flush my kidneys. I would not do that in front of my kids and just stuck with water.

I would explain what the "recipe" was if I felt they were old enough to understand. My grandmother made her own recipe for medicinal purposes. She died 25 years ago and I remember her serving some to my brother and sister in a spoon with honey (or sometimes peppermint) when they had a chest cold. My mom had the last jar of "medicine" my grandmother had made. Since she was in the nursing home her last five years - it had to be at least 30 years old. There was no still out back, she just made it in the kitchen.

Well, when mom died a year ago, my sister tossed it when she cleaned out the refrigerator.

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