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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Having Our Homestudy Updated and Grand Daughters Visiting

Mike and I are going to have our home study updated at the end of next week.
We are really excited to see what the Lord is doing in our lives, and there have been rumblings and hints in our hearts of another family member, so we figured, instead of scrambling to get things done last minute, we will get ahead of the ball and update.

Home studies in the U.S. are good for 18 months, so our last one went out of date about 18 months ago. :)

For an adoptive family, not having an updated home study makes one feel rather naked.:)

We always look forward to our social worker coming. She is the best.
When we had to have our first one done for Anna, I was actually scared to death. I had never come face to face with a real social worker at my house.
She came in and put us at ease and we fell into conversation. Since that time, she has updated our home studies twice, so this will be our 4th time with her. She loves seeing the girls progress and always stays just to watch them play.

I think she will have an extra treat this time because our grand daughters will be visiting next week too. So there will be 5 little girls running around. I gotta get this house clean, but then again, with 5 little girls all next week, maybe we can play "Poor Pretty Princesses". :) I am picturing clean floors and windows. LOL

I am so happy for the little girl who needed a home in California. She was able to stay in California. As she transitions to her new home, please pray for her and her new family.

And as for us: Please pray that the Lord sends to us the child He has chosen for our family. The girls are excited about the prospect of a new sister. Anna doesn't want to be told about any child needing a home until we are SURE they are coming! So we told her we wouldn't say anything to her. :) Erika and Sarah want to know everything including all the plans if they happen or not.
I joked that our next child will probably come with 8 cavities. (the others all did)
But I better not say that...... :/

Mike says, with all the estrogen flowing in this house we could run our own power plant. Just wait till Katie and Lillian come next week. We'll have extra to spare. :)


Lorraine Fuller said...

How fun! We are going to have to find a new closer social worker when (see, I didn't say if) we need ours updated, becuase our old one is too far away so too expensive. Have a wonderful week with your house full of girlies! I will pray with you for your next family member. God already has the plan in place.

Rebecca said...

This is exciting, Mom =) I will pray for this new addition! Do you think she might be there before we come(Lord willing) this Nov/Dec? That would be awesome!

Christie M said...

Hey Becca,
It is exciting, but I have no idea when. Hopefully before then. :0

junglemama said...

I will keep you in mind. Does it have to a girl? ;)

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