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Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Joy Of Girls

I couldn't stop laughing last night when

Sarah came weeping.....

"I'm so mad at ERIKA!"

I said, "Why, what happened?"

She was sobbing...."She says she needs her PRIVACY!"

So I asked, "Where is she?"

"In the Bathroom!" boo-hoo!

Well, don't you think it is normal to want privacy in the bathroom?

"She never wanted privacy before? Now she does, EVER SINCE SHE GOT BREASTS!"

"Now she doesn't want me in the bathroom with her!"

"I wish sisters didn't get breasts until they were 30 !!!!! "

I just love Sarah. :-)

So fast forward to today:
Erika and I went out for our mommy daughter date

We got back from the store and I had my super secret stash of Boston baked beans. The girls saw them and had their hands out.....

I said "You don't want these, they are BEANS!"

They still had their hands out and I said,
"Are you sure you want these? They are magic breast growing beans!" LOL

Sarah said, "I'll take 2!"
Anna said, "Give me the big ones!"

Hmmmm. :)


Rachel said...

Weird. Me and my sisters sometimes do stuff like that.

Lorraine Fuller said...

So what are you gonna do tommorow when they are standing in front of the mirror waiting for the breast fairy? LOL

Kylie said...

haha! oh man that made my day =]

:)De said...

LOL! My daughter would be begging for a handful also.


mommajeane said...

Smiling here... I love how you handled too.

Oakie Grandfather said...

I have some pretty cool grand daughters, and a very cool daughter.

Christie M said...

We couldn't be cool without a "way cool" grampa/dad. :)

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