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Saturday, March 21, 2009

You Must Have Eight Hearts

We had our home study update started last night. We always enjoy visiting with our social worker. This will be our 4th home study with her. So we relaxed into conversation, pizza and business. She talked to the girls briefly about how they felt about having a new sister.

They were so funny. Erika really doesn't mind what kind of sister she gets. Sarah wants one EXACTLY her age, and Anna asked for a sister with "all her limbs like me."

I figured that was fair. :)

After our social worker left, Anna climbed into my lap and was giving me a loving contemplating look. I asked her, "What is on your mind?" She said, "You must have 8 hearts." I asked her, "Why do you say that?"

She said, "Because I know you love me with your whole heart, and I know you love my sisters and brothers with your whole heart too, and if we get a new sister, that will be 8."

So, you must have 8 hearts. :)


Anonymous said...

Anna has a lot of insight! She is an "outside of the box" thinker like her Mama! ;- ))

mommajeane said...

How sweet and maybe it will be more than 8 hearts too :)

:)De said...

You know you are doing right when your child knows that they are loved with your whole heart. Lovely!


junglemama said...

How cute. Glad to read that your visit went well!

ninedays said...

wow, she is totally right! what a sweet story! I love reading your blog.

Unknown said...

:) This is something very similar to what my son just told me a few days ago. He said that Kevin and I must have septagons for hearts, as there is a corner for each of them. (referring to the Hungarian expression szívem csücske vagy, which means you are the corner of my heart.)

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