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Thursday, April 30, 2009

An Amazing Find!

The girls were cleaning leaves out of the boat. They pulled one of the seats up and thought they saw a baby wild animal. She is wild alright, but she is a baby kitten.
Maybe about 2 weeks old. We don't know how she got in the boat under the seat and immediately began to search for other kittens but there were none.

So, she is being mothered to death by 3 very eager kitty mommies. They are going to vote on a name once we are sure she is going to live. She sure doesn't like the kitten bottle, or the nuk bottle. But she is eating a little bit. Maybe a teaspoon at a time.

I remember raising our dobeman puppies, and I'm glad there is only 1 to feed this time.:)

All the girls immediatly were sad that she was orphaned and didn't have a mommy. But they are confident they can make her happy and secure. :)


mommajeane said...

What a wonderful opportunity.. We have done this a few times but never when we have had all the kiddos that were adopted. You might try a dropper to feed the kitten.. or syring (the kind they given when you get medicine at the pharmacy). I am sure your girls will be the best mommies.

Amy...who wanted 4. said...

Oh my goodness!!
What fun that will be for the girls!
The real question is how on earth that kitty got there!! WOW!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! So THAT's why you're slow on responding to e-mail today!

I am SO happy for your girls!!! With their help surely this kitten will make a full recovery! Better for you to find a kitten than for us, lol. (I am REALLY allergic to cats!!!)

Daniel is asking if he can take "our" bunnies with us when we move. I told him, "They came with the house and they will need to stay with the house." I will miss them...and YOU!

Christie M said...

The eye dopper is working great!

Rebecca said...

So fun! I hope this sweet kitten makes it! The girls must be thrilled beyond words...

and now maybe next time I stay with the girls, there won't be any mice! =)

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