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Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm Not Too Popular Right Now

We started to milk the goat yesterday and only got about 1/2 cup because the babies eat non stop. They are starting to creep feed and drink, so I figured it was time to let them be separate for about 2 hours before we milk the goat again, and that way we'll get more milk. After that, we'll put them back with mama until tomorrow at the same time.

I thought that was a great plan, but the Girlies think otherwise. They have been protesting for the last 1/2 about how awful it is to remove babies from their mommies!

We were doing Science and I asked Sarah if she was ok. She said she was too sad to do science because the BABIES ARE NOT WITH THEIR MAMA LIKE THEY SHOULD BE; JUST SO WE CAN TAKE HER MILK!

Then, I get two more yea votes and then the finally:

"How would you like it if daddy took us all away for 2 hours and then milked YOU?" LOL

I think they need to see that the goats will be fine and they will not be overcome with starvation. I think they need to see that the mama will be fine too, and they also need to understand that NOBODY will MILK ME~! LOL

However, I am glad that they are all sensitive to the plight of children being separated from parents. :)


Christie M said...

Those rotten little goats escaped and I found them back with Mama....sigh
I need to think of something else.

Lorraine Fuller said...

LOL, did they have help escaping? You should have known your girlies would have separation issues. LOL. I could just hear you saying, hmm, if daddy took you all away for two hours, hmm calgon take me away! But, skip the milking part LOL. I did my milk time years ago and do not plan on doing it again! Guess you will have to get the girls busy before you separate the baby goats next time.

Christie M said...

No, they got through the gate. They are still pretty little. We shut them up in the goat barn.

Yea, calgon sounds MUCH better than being milked! :)

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