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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sweet Girls and Painfilled Bodies

You know, I have this long term relationship with my back. It follows me everywhere, and it hurts; a lot sometimes.

This is one of those times.

The weather doesn't help much... but the big thing was: I wrestled our billy goat to the ground the other day. He kept trying to butt me. I have a sore foot and finger, but somehow I became SUPER WOMAN for a few minutes and he and I had it out!
I WON! Sort of.... Let's just say when I let him up, he squared off at me again, lowered his head and then I stompled my foot and he took off running. :) THAT was so satisfying!

BUT....now I am paying, big time. I think my elbow doesn't hurt.... other than that....

So today, I was trying to do laundry. I put the clothes down to fold and tried to get into a comfortable position to fold them, but there wasn't one. Everything just hurt.
So I was sort of, quietly weeping at my dilemma of needing to fold clothes, and being in pain....
Before I knew it, Erika came over and tenderly asked, "Mommy, are you ok?"
I said, "Yes, I'm ok."

She asked, "Why are you crying?"

I said, "Probably because I'm a girl."

We both started laughing.

She wanted to hug me, but I was on the floor and she can't bend down, so I had to get up....

So, I finally got up and she hugged me and said the sweetest thing:
After she had layed her head on my chest she looked up with a smile and said,
"Well, at least your heart is beeping!" LOL

That just made my day....

The day I eat Cabrito will make my day too! Rotten goat.


ninedays said...

so much fun reading your stories. I can just see you and that goat. Lydia is doing well. She still has tantrums and is a strong willed child but is definitely acting more relaxed. Sorry to hear your back is hurting. How is your foot doing? I think George and I will have to come to camp with Yuri. Noel got a job at the Y teaching swimming and lifeguarding. I am hoping Lydia will do OK with me being gone for a couple of days. So, I hope to see you this summer.

Christie M said...

I would love to see you at camp.:)
I got the air cast off of my foot last week. It still hurts, but not like it did at camp. :)

Lydia is such a cutie. :) I just loved being with you and your kids.

Diana said...

Ouch. I hurt for you. I have fibromyalgia, so I know all about hurting all over.

Have you ever tried a salts bath? They sell them in the stores, but they are way expensive. So, here's the cheap version. Fill the bath with nice hot water, add a couple cups (or more, which I often do) of epsom salt while the water is still running. Swish the water around a bit, too so it desolves. Add about 1/2 cup coarse kosher salt and about a cup of baking soda. If you wish, you can also add some bath oil or bubble bath or even just a few drops of lovely smelling essential oil (my personal favorite option - doesn't have the side effects that the others sometimes carry.) Soak for as long as you can stand it. This cheap and I dare say delightful remedy is especially helpful for sprains, bumps bruises (both to the spirit and the body :-) and is particularly helpful for muscle and joint pain.

Follow the bath with some good body lotion as the salts can dry out your skin. Don't forget to rinse your tub out after you're done, too - ESPECIALLY if you're fortunate enough have a jetted tub (I'm not.) Other than those two little things, salts baths work wonders!

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Lorraine Fuller said...

Sometimes a "Beeping" heart is all we can ask for! Erica is so sweet. I will see all of you guys at camp. It's cool that Noel got a job, though it would have been fun to have her at camp too.

Anonymous said...

Hope your day is going better today. ;-)) Ours is.

Debora Hoffmann said...

Thank you for all your insights (I'm also referring to the lying and love posts above). I think I need to come and spend a day or two with you and your girls to see you all in action. :-)

I'm sorry about your back. There's an exercise called Static Back that really helps to relax the back and get everything back into alignment. Visit http://www.egoscue.com/wherePain.php and click on the picture of where your pain is. It will give you some exercises to do. The best thing we did was get the book Pain Free by Pete Egoscue. Feel better soon!

Christie M said...

Thanks for that info. I'm going to check that website out. :)
You are welcome to come and visit ANYTIME!
But let us know ahead so we can replace these real children with stepford ones. :)

Christie M said...

I love epsom salts too. I made some one time with lavender oil.
I do have a jetted tub, it is one of the things that came with this house, and I LOVE it.
It is a 2 seater, so we hold our business meetings in there a lot. :)
(can I say that on a blog?)

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