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Monday, May 25, 2009

A Friend To Walk With

Am I allowed to end a title like that? :)

Maybe not, but I'm just going to.... because I am so happy that I have a friend to walk with.

10 years ago, when I was quite sick, I started a walking program. I remember the first time I tried to walk, I made it down, 2 houses, turned around and came back home. I was exhausted, my back hurt and I couldn't do it. But I knew I had to.

The next morning I made it about 4 houses, and then farther, and farther, until I worked my way up to walking 4 miles a day. That exercise, combined with a raw foods diet, set me back on the track to health. I had a bunch of weight to lose, and instead of focusing on losing weight, I focused on getting healthy. Instead of thinking of my diet as a diet, I called it a LIVE IT!

It was time to eat to live, instead of live to eat and I knew it. It was hard to face that because I really didn't want to. BUT, I wanted to be healthy more than I wanted to continue down the same road.

So it was a very deliberate decision. I lost 45 lbs, and was starting to feel healthy again. It took 2 years to feel better.

I felt great for a long time, except for little bumps in the road, and then, slowly but surely, I started allowing foods back into my life that were anathema before.
Why? Sin. Plain and simple. I knew what was best and I chose what was worst.

So, weight started to come back, and little symptom here and little symptom there.
Besides that, I stopped walking. That was more understandable. We moved and there are roaming dogs in the country and no sidewalks. It was one of those "take your life into your hands" places, so I stopped. Then I started to enjoy sleeping longer, not getting up at 5:30. I still felt fine.

The girls came, and then I COULDN'T leave to go and walk. With 5 surgeries in less than 4 years, it was a struggle to find time for outside activity. Thus.... a few pounds here, a few pounds there, started to creep on.
And I found myself needing to stretch my pants abit, and a few pairs that are no longer wearable.
I would tell myself, ah, it's ok, you aren't over weight after all, you look fine, after all its only 10 lbs. Besides you are 50! Blah blah blah..... but the truth was, I was headed back for destruction, back to old addictive habits.

As I began to pray about it, I found myself faced with the fact that food is an issue for me. For me, it is a matter of self control and self discipline.
To face that square on, is what helps me to do what I know to do that is right!

I owe it to my family and my extended family to treat my body well and care for the one God gave me. It is a true matter of stewardship.

Since I lost the 45 lbs 10 years ago, I had gained back 32 lbs. And still people will say, "You're not overweight, you're not fat etc. But the truth is, I am, and I am.

Now to my great friend part. My good friend who lives down the road also wants to start walking and doing a raw food Liveit! So we are doing it together! Yea!

We started walking 8 days ago, taking Friday and Sunday off. We are walking 2 to 3 miles a day to begin, and it feels great! We drive about 2 miles down the road to the high school track at about 6 in the a.m. We are home by 7:15 and ready to start our days!
I started back on my liveit 2 weeks ago and I have lost 8.5 lbs. YEA!

The exercise with my friend is fun. We get to visit and talk, and she is also a mother with children the same age and from similar backgrounds as my children.

I am so thankful for my friend. I am so thankful that the Lord is gracious and merciful and encourages us in our hearts.

I am thankful for His Word, His Love and His Mercy. He doesn't love me any more or any less if I am healthy or not, but He has given us knowledge to use, to have a healthier body. I am thankful for the herbs of the ground He has provided for our needs. I am thankful for the foods He has created, that do not sit on a shelf with an eternal
expiration date. I am thankful for those he has given knowledge to that have studied what foods are best for our bodies to eat.

And I am thankful for dear friends, willing to get up EARLY so we can walk and talk and laugh and share each others struggles and triumphs. :)


Lorraine Fuller said...

Gee, makes me wish you could move close to me so I could have someone to walk with.

Anonymous said...

Christie, you are so on target, as usual. I am so glad you have your precious friend, with whom you can walk and fellowship in the mornings.

I bought Ordering Your Private World by Gordon MacDonald thinking it would help me organize my life and find a balance. It did...but not through "how to" secrets or short cuts. This book pointed me to Christ and my relationship with Him. Balance is about having a God-centered focus, seeking His Kingdom 1st, and being in relationship with Him. Once that is done...He will take care of the rest for you.

Looks like you got your cart back behind the horse, too. Life is so much easier when we rely on God's strength! SO glad you are being blessed through your obedience to God.

"WE" (too many to name) need you to live a LONG life! ;-))

Christie M said...

JJ Thanks for your sweet words. I plan to live as long as God keeps me here. :)
The best advice I ever got on nutrition was from the nutrition counselor. "You didn't get this way over night, and you won't make it back over night". So very true.
Anything that LASTS, will not have a short cut.

Lorraine, I surely wish you and I were closer together. You'd love my friend too. :) We could all walk and talk together . And LAUGH! :)

Anonymous said...

What a great idea. I often wish I could get out to walk in the mornings or after my daughter is sleeping, but can't leave her alone... But there sits my stationary bike all dusty so I know its an excuse. Thanks for the inspiration.

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