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Monday, May 25, 2009

I Love How Creative They Are

It was DOG HOT today! I bought the girls a small wading pool. It is really too small, but what do you do when you don't have a pool and just want to get cool? You buy one of those blue thingys. :)

Well, at first I put Erika in without her legs, but then she can't really enjoy herself because she just lays there. So the girls came up with a great idea.

Move the swing set over by the pool, let Erika Swing over the water and they would splash her good!

Isn't that sweet? They came up with that all together so they could all participate in the water fun. :)

I also wanted to show off their new swim suits. I think these are the COOLEST!
They are regular looking shirts and shorts, made out of swim material. Very modest indeed! :)
AND They Love them. :)


ann clary said...

OH Christie,
This is so sweet! I love it when siblings love each other. What precious girls you have.

Anonymous said...

UM...did you keep your receipt?

Come on over. Daniel swam for the 1st time today and said the water's fine. (David says the water was 81+ degrees according to the meat thermometer, lol.)

junglemama said...

How sweet! Love the swim suits!

Muddled Muse said...

Good swim suits for little girls. There is nothing more depressing than 15 (and under) girls buying skimpy bikinis at the store.

Lorraine Fuller said...

Love the suits, they would also help with sunburn!

Diana said...

What a wonderful blessing to see them all coming up with ways to play together so everyone has fun!

I love the suits, too. I walked into Old Navy the other day with my daughter trying to find some summer capris or bermudas or otherwise anything that was even remotely modest. As soon as I walked in, I was seriously tempted to find some robes or something just to cover up their large group of bikini naked manequins that were right smack there in front of the store. I honestly looked for something - even just a beach towel or something I could throw over those poor naked ladies and kids! It was to no avail and nor did we find anything much more modest in terms of summer wear - so we left.

Anonymous said...

Hey Diana,

We did get them at Old Navy. :)
I was ready to walk out too and then Anna noticed them. They were right by the skimpy suits, but on a wall. At first I thought they were just shorts and shirts but they weren't. Yea!
We found 3 suits and paid less than 40 dollars.

Christie M said...

Oops, that was me Christie. :)

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