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Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Issue of Abortion

I have been mulling this over for a couple of days, and decided I would go ahead and write about it. After all, Abortion has everything to do with Adoption, and everything to do with Orphans, the homeless, alcoholism, out of wedlock pregnancy and many, many other social issues of today.

I read that a young person's creative idea to spread the word that abortion is an awful thing, was to have a t shirt made up with a picture of what it looks like. I couldn't help myself but respond, as I find the idea to not only be immoral, but repugnant. To put a precious life, torn apart on a Tshirt with a slogan is just an awful representation of what is wrong in the American Church.

Let me first say that I have strong issues with abortion and I believe it should not be legal, period.

However, it IS legal in our country and there are many, many people who are desperate, frightened, traumatized, confused, poor, unmarried, who seek out abortions. What good is a T shirt going to do them? If they were to be walking down the street and see this shirt, is it really, REALLY going to cause them to change their mind? Or is it going to cause them shame, and sadness and re traumatize them from the lie they have been told?

I strongly believe that instead of clever bumper stickers or fancy Tshirts, if we set our ACTIONS to show the compassion and LOVE we are COMMANDED to show in scripture to those in need, we would see fewer abortions.

I am also irritated that the very same people who scream about no abortions, are also judgmental to the single mother who has her baby. You can't have it both ways. You can't demand a person not have an abortion, and then ostracize them, because they didn't. I see that all the time. The view of, "you made your bed, now lie in it!"
It isn't our job to punish. It is our job to uphold truth, share the gospel and disciple.

If we truly care about the baby, we are also going to truly care about the mother.
We really need to put our actions with our words, which includes supplying the needs of babies whose mothers keep them. With supplying counseling, parenting classes, baby formula, diapers, food, etc. we will be showing Christian love to the neediest in our society and thus have opportunity to share the gospel. There is no relationship or opportunity to share with a bumper sticker or a t shirt.

I am saddened that abortion is legal. I am sad that so many are effected by it. Not just the babies, but the mothers too. It is a silent shame, to a silent scream.

And it is a very LOUD shame for Christians, if we sit in judgment and do not help those in need. Crisis Pregnancy Centers are a great place to donate or volunteer precious time.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, you have described a true to life Pharisee-like, catch-22, lose-lose judgment scenario. How can Christians who enjoy the blessings of God's mercies daily, not have mercy in abundance with which to bless others? I thank God that His Spirit has enlightened many of His children of our need to love others as He loves us.

:)De said...

I usually leave this alone, but...I wanted to tell you that you made a great point that is often left out and that is the need to supply the needs of babies whose mothers keep them. There was a young woman in a church who considered abortion. The church body told her that if she kept the baby they would help. Now they all buy formula, diapers, clothes and household needs for this young family. But this is just 1 family. Much much more of this is needed!

Tereasa said...

Powerful post. My sentiments, exactly!

mommajeane said...

Great post and I so agree with all of your post. I also feel that "christians" who feel that just by voting for a prolife canidate and then walk away from the booth and does nothing else to support the prolife movement either thru supporting adoption or as you shared the life of the mom or baby or a crisis care pregnancy center is not really pro life! We all need to get involoved in the "LIFE" of the prolife movement which is to care about all parties involved. Thanks for writing this post..

Sarah said...

I really agree with you! It also bothers me that the same Christians who want babies to be born and adopted rather than aborted, want to ban same sex marriages and gay and lesbian couples becoming parents to these children. I'm sorry but until every Christian family steps up and cares for and loves these children they want to be born, they really don't have a right to say what a loving family should look like.

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