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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Old and Scared

We have a friend who is in the hospital. He isn't being treated very well. It makes me so sad.

If the medical staff knew my friend like I know my friend, would they still treat him like yesterday's trash?

He doesn't look like himself. He has no family, or at least no family he is close to. He is swollen and in terrible pain from an infection. I asked what was wrong with him, as he lay there crying and the nurse said, "I dunno" and left. I lifted his blankets to check his feet and they were swollen tight. He asked me to rub his feet, which I did for about 2 hours. He was covered in pee, and couldn't roll over. His heels had sores on them. When I lifted his foot he grimaced in pain.

We visited him just 4 weeks ago and he was sitting in a chair chatting away. He didn't look well, but he didn't look like this!

For those who are "caring" for him. He is just a bothersome old man. Nobody to be cherished. They don't want to come in his room because they have to gown up before they go in. They certainly didn't want to change his diaper.

So I did. He is so sick, he didn't mind. I just couldn't stand to see my friend laying in a pile of pee.

Do those nurses know that he was the graphic artist for Star Wars? He designed the space ships that brought entertainment to millions? Do they know he was the main graphic artist for Pete's Dragon? and countless other films?

No, to them, he is a worthless old man.

The truth is, it shouldn't change his treatment if they did know. We all have value. We are all precious. Even old men who cannot get their teeth in, and can't sit up anymore.

We would love for him to come and stay with us, while he recuperates. I pray he gets stronger and continues on as before. He will need to be able to walk with a walker before he can come to our home.

I think that is a motivator for him.

He said today, that if he gets better he is coming to church with us. :)
"Does it matter if I'm Jewish?"
I said, "I hope not, because I'm Irish, English, German, French and Indian and I don't think they care." :)

Please pray that he can get better to a point of walking, so that we can help him.
The hospital wants him to go to a nursing home for now. If he does, please pray that we find one close by.


Anonymous said...

So sorry to read about your friend and I will pray for this situation. How sad!

Have you contacted a head nurse or the hospital administrator? I have a cousin who was one, and I would gladly give you his contact info if you want ideas.

mommajeane said...

Oh Christie your post made me think of the many times we visited my dad and it was terrible... nursing homes were not any better either. How absolutely horrible the way our older generation does get treated... and it does not always matter if they have family or not. We did complain but it really did not help much. Being there as much as we could was the best solution and finally we did get to bring my dad home for awhile before he died in May. I will pray that your friend does get better and you will be able to find a more caring environment for him to live in. It often makes me think of some of conditions I saw in the orphanages when we adopted.

Lorraine Fuller said...

I will be praying for him.

Susan a.k.a Lucy said...

Your post is so true about how folk are often treated when they lose their visable status. Some folk never have any visable status and get trashed early, other's it doesn't happen until we are old or infirm. I'm glad you were able to be there for a while.

Even though we want all folk to be treated well, regardless of "who they were" it doesn't hurt to help aid's get a glimpse of a person in their better days because for some aids/nurses, that is a motivator or a way to connect to just another "body in a bed." It's not our favorite motivation, but anything you can do to help them see your friend as worthwhile, can't hurt.

Sadly, even when we can help aids/nurses to know our friends/family etc, the turn over is so great and the staff so varied, there is little continuity.

Will pray. Thanks for sharing, you put that all very well.

Anonymous said...

I went to see my friend today, and while he is in a great deal of pain and I don't understand why they can't manage his pain better, he was at least clean! They gave him a boot for his heel and he looked better.

Maybe it was an off day when I went before? But even if it was, it was unacceptable.

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