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Monday, August 31, 2009

Church Stuff Again

We went to our home church last week, and then visited again, the little Baptist Church down the street. I am glad we are taking our time with decisions and praying.
The service yesterday was quite different that the ones we had attended previously.
Instead of a "Bible Study", it was more of a "preaching". The man who spoke was a dear man, but theologically we were not there. :)

AHHHHH!!! This is so HARD! One thing we cannot, WILL NOT compromise on is the Gospel.
I'm not saying this man taught other than the gospel, just saying he added a bit to it. :) That is so common.
This church is in the midst of seeking out a permanent pastor, so we will not make a commitment until after that takes place an we see what direction the church takes.

Our son has requested we visit a local Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod. I have never been to a Lutheran Church before, but I do like Martin Luther, and our good friends are in ministry in the Lutheran Church,Missouri Synod, in Minnesota. The new Lutheran church is down the street from us too. It is a church plant from a larger church in the Plano area. We listened to 2 sermons from them online, and we have also sent an email to them asking some pertinent questions.

Right now, I just feel naked, out in the cold, and want comfort. I want the comfort of our Teaching Elder, our friends, our church family that we have known for so long.
I love them. I miss them. I miss our format. I miss the Lord's table every week and the open service. I wish our home church would plant a new fellowship out here in Wylie! :) Then, we'd really be home . :)

Mike said next week, we can go home.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hope the church finds a pastor soon so you can make a decision. It will be worth the wait to be sure...and you can always go to your long time home church.

We have been going to a church we like well here every other week to allow us to visit elsewhere without that "lost in limbo" feeling. We think the one we like is the one, but as soon as we felt sure...Sunday we had doubts.

We are going through it along side you. Fortunately, this phase, too, will soon pass. (And I am ready to be done with this phase, too!)

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