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Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Day

We had our Dr. Visits at Scottish Rite Hospital today.

Erika went in first thing for an x ray of her hand and fingers. After going over her x ray, the Doctor came in and asked, "So how is your thumb?"
She looked rather puzzled and said, "My thumb is fine!". He said, "Really? Show me where your hand is hurting..." So she showed him her small finger and just above it.

He started laughing and said, "Well, we need to go back out and look at the x ray again." Apparently, because of Erika's Arthrogryposis,on an x ray, her thumb looks dislocated, but it isn't. LOL So the first thing everybody saw was her thumb and didn't even look at the finger, hand part. :) They all came back in and said, "NOTHING BROKEN!" YEA! She just jammed her fingers when she fell and the swelling will go away in about a week!

That got me to thinking about what would have happened had we taken her into an emergency room. Would they have tried to set her thumb that didn't need setting? Yikes!
Her doctor knows her well, and deals with others who have her type of condition; but it is so rare, most doctors never see it.
If HE made that kind of mistake, what would a typical doctor do? I dunno.... :/

GREAT NEWS was we were able to communicate well with PT and OT today. They were clued in that she working on getting legs on and off by herself. We call it: "Operation Save Mama's Back!"

Today she was given some tools I didn't know existed. Really interesting simple things that we probably could have made at home. One was a stick with a cup hook on the end of it. She grips her sock with the hook and can pull the sock down and off. (because she cannot bend at the waist it is hard for her to reach to remove or put on socks)
She was given a shorter grip and lock tool that is meant to grab her legs from the ground or the window part that locks in, if she were to drop them.
Then, there was this neat contraption. It looks sort of like 1/2 an empty plastic bottle with a hole in the bottom. It is conneected by 2 ropes. She puts the sock on the plastic, lowers it to the bottom of her foot and then pulls the plastic. As it comes up, the sock is put in place perfectly!
She was so excited and so am I!

She tried all of her new tools out with the girls in OT and PT and they worked great. Of course, she is a fast learner! Did I say she was amazingly smart? She is. :)

Sarah, was loaded up today with new socks. She is one rough and tumble kid and must have acid in her leg as fast as she goes through socks! She had a great appointment too, and Dr. Herring showed her off to the Southwestern Med Students he is training.
She got to walk and run for them, and show of her latest surgery scar. :)

Anna, came along today, as Daddy was volunteering in Radiology. We all went together and came home together. We had breakfast AND lunch in the New Cafeteria! It is amazing.... The hospital built a new state of the art cafeteria, and conference center. They have the best salad bar! They even have a Chinese food station and Pizza Station! The prices are also very reasonable.

After such a stressful day yesterday, today was great. :)

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Anonymous said...

...and a good time was had by all! NOT your typical hospital visit...OK, so for YOU, maybe it is! Glad all went well and that the news was good.

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