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Sunday, August 30, 2009

When A Child Is Different

Today, we all went to the Lake in the late afternoon, to enjoy one of the last times of swimming before summer is over.

Mike jumped in the lake with the girlies, and I sat on a blanket on the shore, soaking up the sun, not wanting to swim.

I was watching all of them swimming and laughing and screaming as Daddy splashed them and threw them and played with them.

However, I noticed also, our Anna. She was away from the group and she was focused on trying to walk on the beam in the water.

The lake has a special barrier in place to square off the swimming area from the boating area. Lots of people hang on, or jump off, but not many try to walk on it.
Today, Anna tried walking on it. It was kind of funny, because it looked from a distance like she was walking on water.

As the others were splashing and screaming, she was off walking on that beam. She was walking and falling, getting back up, walking and falling, getting back up....
I was mesmerized at her determination to make it farther and farther.

Then, I noticed some other kids watching, and before my eyes I saw at least 3 other kids trying to walk that beam.

She made it 15 steps at her best attempt, which was really great. The next best was maybe 3.

What I really noticed was that sometimes kids like to do things that are different. She doesn't enjoy splashing that much. She would much rather walk that beam, and that is OK! It is ok for her to be a little different; to do things a little different.
She was so happy just being herself, and I'm so glad that she was allowed to do that.

She also made a couple of quick friends in the process. All kids trying to walk that beam. :)

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